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R9KEvinR9 wrote:hey man i play center medfield now man i never played it before can anyone give me tips
I can. I've been playin it for about 3 or 4 years now. Shoot me a pm or something. :wink:

EDIT - PM sent. Feel free to PM me with anymore questions.

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1. center mid
2. #10
3. blue and white (school color)
4. Free kicks anywhere a little outside 18 and in
5. Blue and White (pants and shirt) blue socks
6. Team Captain

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Ok, here's my info

1. I play left back or left mid but this year we don't have a centre mid so I play there
2. #10
3. Lotto vento kl for training and umbro xai ...
4. The long range free kicks on the right side
5. Shirt (blue + yellow stripes) shorts ( blue ) socks ( blue + yellow stripes)
6. Everybody is captain in our team

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Club- North Texas Strikers 90
1) Position?-Sweeper
2)Shirt No.?-9
3) What Boots (Inc. colour)? Nike Tiempo (silver with blue "nike" sign)
4) Set Piece taker (Inc. What ones you take)? some goal kicks
5) Team Colours (Shirt, shorts, socks)? Blue, white
6) Captain? Co

High School- Mesquite High School Varisty
1) Position?- Left back/sweeper
2)Shirt No.?- 6
3) What Boots (Inc. colour)?- Predators (black, red)
4) Set Piece taker (Inc. What ones you take)?- N/A
5) Team Colours (Shirt, shorts, socks)?- Maroon, white
6) Captain? No (Seniors only)

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3.Adidas dX-3 TRX FG
4.i take shots outside da 18 penalty are dribble in ad shoot inside da penalty are shirt red shorts blue socks

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1) Left Fullback
2) 13
3) Kelme's Muira (red and white)
4) kicks from the half to just around the 18. lobs diagonally across the box
5) Black jerseys with some oj and white. black shorts, and black socks. adidas
6) not this year, but next year maybe

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center mid
f50+(black and blue)
all direct kicks within 30 yards- pks ect.
maroon and white jersys-maroon shorts-white and maroon kelme socks
yes i am the captain

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i used to play for my local junior team, but eventually gave up after never getting a game cos of a manager who refused to change his first 11, even when they never turned up to training. and i went to every one!

~ wherever my idiot of a manager wanted me, usually in defence :evil:
~ my last season, i was number 10
~ wore (fake!) adidas predators, they were red, black and white
~ took no set pieces :evil:
~ white and blue shirts, blue socks, blue shorts
~ and i wasn't the captian, although that didnt bother me as half my team-mates were idiots to.

overall, not the best way to spend five seasons :(
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ST or CF
14 or 6,
F50's Black & Silver
No Set-Peice, Solo, coz im a lone forward.
White & Light Blue Jersey, White SHotrs, Light Blue Socks..
Been Captain for 1 year and a half.
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1) Position: CM, F, LM/RM
2) Number: 19 now, but 10 or 11 preferred
3) Cleats: F50+ black and blue (but they're falling apart after a fall season and a small part of a spring season, so i think i'll switch to Total 90's-i have these for turf-because they're really comfortable and durable. I haven't exactly had the best experiences with Kangaroo Leather)
4) Set Pieces: Pretty much all-corners, PKs, directs/indirects if inside attacking half or a little farther back into our defensive half.
5) Team Colours: Always Maroon shorts, white socks/shirt for home, maroon socks/shirt for away
6) Captain: no, i'm only a sophomore, but probably senior year.

by the way this is all High School soccer

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1) striker/winger/central midfield
2) #14
3) blue & white nike talarias
4) Free kicks from the wings, sometimes corners
5) white shirt, shorts, and socks for home, all green for away
6) JV co captain, nothing for varsity
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1) Position: Center Mid Fielder
2) Number: 12
3) Cleats: "Rawldings Soccer / All purpose Cleats"
4) Set Pieces: First Line of Defense, Set up Plays on offense
5) Team Colors: Carolina Blue shirt with black vertical stripe from each shoulder down, Black shorts
6) Not Captain.

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1. Position: Central defensive midfielder
2. Number: 7
3. Boots: Blue/silver adidas perdator pulse
4. Set pieces: Sometimes long range
5. Team colors: Top: Green with white stripes Shorts: White Socks: white
6. Capitan: Sometimes

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1) Center Mid/ Forward occasionally
2) 11
3) Kelme Masters (gold)
4) I don't take the kicks, I just try and get on the end of them. :D
5) Black and Gold
6) no (im only a freshman)

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1) Position?
2)Shirt No.?
3) What Boots (Inc. colour)?
4) Set Piece taker (Inc. What ones you take)?
5) Team Colours (Shirt, shorts, socks)?
6) Captain?

For me, the answers would be...

1)LCM-Left Center Midfielder (sometimes defensive)
3)Addidas, all black with 3 green stripes
4)Sometimes Free-kick taker, but mostly corners
5)France jersey (international school)

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