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Well EF, it has been a good run for me, but i have decided after these last few months with my U18 club team I'm going to stop playing soccer. It does really depress me and make me mad thinking about all the sweat i put in for nothing, but i know that i have gained a lot from it. I learned good work ethic and many other things. I have simply come to the conclusion that although i am technical than most people i know, i am simply not smart enough to play at a high enough level i want to like D1 or D2. This is probably because i started playing travel at U13, so i have less game experience then these kids who start so young. I really thought i could prove a lot of people wrong, but i guess dreams don't always come true. That past few months soccer has just been stressing me out anyways, because of this realism i am coming to that i just am getting older now, i turn 19 in september, and i shouldn't put all this work into something, when i can be using that time for something that will actually be worth it and hopefully see me success. Thank you EF for everything, this site started my passion for the game back when i was about 14 or 13, and i loved everyones support.

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Hi. I think you are being too pessimistic.
First of all, you're still young, so you don't know what might happen if you keep playing.
Secondly, D1 soccer is cool but it's not such a great deal.
It's mostly running, but the overall level is not that amazing.
But yea, I hear you - training for soccer is not for everybody especially if you don't have the available time.
It does teach you discipline and builds your body so you can't really go wrong with that in my opinion.
I guess my point is that it's cool to focus on other things in addition to soccer.

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You'll probably find in a few months, when you've had a break from the game, your passion will reignite, and you might have another outlook. You may decide not to pursue it as seriously as previosuly, but i'm sure you would want to play pick up/for the best team you can? As it's fun and we all love the game! A while without football and you start to crave it, when you train every day all day and don't progress as quickly as you like it can become ery frustrating! I know how you feel man, just do what's best for you.

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That really sucks that it hasn't worked out for you Collin. Based on your posts from before the forum went down, we could all tell how driven you were and I would say that not many members of this forum deserved success more than you. I agree, this sport can be a cold, heartless bitch sometimes and can give a person more heart ache than anything else. I know I've had more lows than highs throughout my career, and I'm guessing thats how you feel.

Are you still going to be involved with soccer? Like watching games/playing recreationally etc?

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I think you should not quit soccer.If you love soccer you can work with a local club may be as an assistant coach and you gain experience you can end up been a coach in the future.DON'T GIVE UP.

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Firstly, I agree with the all the posts above me. Maybe you could try to give it a break or you could explore other areas in soccer. The talents are vast and need not be in one area. If it still doesn't work. Then you might have to make that decision.

All the best :)

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