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I decided to introduce myself :wink:
So, I'm 15 years old Lithuanian.My country isn't very big and not a lot people from foreign countries know where it is. I think you don't know too. But I would like to introduce my country.So, it's located in East Europe,beside the Baltic Sea(You should take a map,I think :D )
Lithuania is Basketball country.A lot of money and resources here are designating for basketball schools,arenas and to other things like these.
Basketball level here is rising every year. I'm a big basketball fan,but Football was,is and will be no. 1 in my life :D Almost everyone in Lithuania is crazy about basketball.
Football isn't very popular in my country.Except the days when national team or club face a strong and known team(like Italy,Spain...and clubs like Liverpool)We don't have strong clubs and we couldn't have it,because almost all money here is designating for basketball.
It's not good because Football suffer from this :?
Rich buisnessmen are trying to change the condition here.One of them has bought one Scottish club.He also owns one club in Lithuania "FBK Kaunas".It's very good for Lithuanian football cause tallented players are taken abroad and they have much more chances to become famous and play in well-known clubs.
Maybe someday football position in my country will be much better,than it is now(I really hope so)
For now,I can say, if you live in Lithuania and if you want to become a football star you have to emigrate to countries,where football is supported better than here and you will have much more chances to exhibit your tallent... 8)
Thank you if you read this :wink: and I hope you understood me.
P.S. I like freestyling.I started to practice air tricks few weeks ago.You will see my first video soon(hope you'll like it)... :)

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Hi Im 13 and I live in the USA but I was born and raised (until 8) in Poland. I happen to know where Lithuania is and I'm suprised that it is a basketball country because in Polands its all soccer. Unfortunatlly I can't the same for USA wher as u propably now soccer is not the nr.1 sport.

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