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How did you find

Searching for freestyle-related stuff
Searching for training info
Link from another site
A friend referred me
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Post by Shenker » 08 Nov 2005, 22:02

I found it in google when i was searchin for freestyle related stuff... such as how to juggle a lot better 8)

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Post by R9KEvinR9 » 08 Nov 2005, 22:47

i found this site when i was searching for training routines on google cus my high school season was comin so i wanted to be prepared even though my high school season wasnt very good ive noticed that ive gotten better and i learned how to freestyle and i thank u expert for such a great site.

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Post by powell » 03 Apr 2006, 19:55

well i found searching for traning info i think but i really cant remember

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Post by Croatianblood1 » 03 Apr 2006, 20:08

i was searching for training info one day, looking for some good dribbling moves to learn. This was the first site i came across, i looked around and found this site very informative. That was when i decided to join the forums

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Post by Supqtays » 03 Apr 2006, 21:04

"Link from another site".

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Post by thrillboy » 30 Jul 2006, 00:43

I was reading a training book and i found the site.

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Post by ultimate_defender » 03 Oct 2006, 23:05

tico18 wrote:Football is too general to search in Google :wink: ,I found it by searching how to improve my kicking.
Same here...

kamil k
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Post by kamil k » 03 Oct 2006, 23:32

I was searching for tricks in football and i found it :D

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Post by hustler89 » 04 Oct 2006, 18:42

Last minute brush ups for skills before an important football match.

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Post by kvsh » 12 Apr 2007, 07:36

i googled in speed & agility and i found this amazing website :)

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Post by Saibomb » 12 Apr 2007, 21:37

Searching for training info

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Post by adnankhan » 12 Apr 2007, 21:41

i was lookin for how to improve fitness for soccer players...then i found this site and fall in love with this site

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Post by soccer11 » 13 Apr 2007, 05:02

i've been here for such a long time that i don't remember. i did find the site back when you asked a question and expert used to answer each and every single one of them. wow that was a long time ago

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Post by expert » 13 Apr 2007, 05:10

soccer11 wrote:i've been here for such a long time that i don't remember. i did find the site back when you asked a question and expert used to answer each and every single one of them. wow that was a long time ago
Haha, yeah I remember those days. Back then, there were like 5 people/year visiting the site... eventually it became impossible to keep up the Q&A. Also, people would ask the same question over and over again.

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Post by iwannagopro » 13 Apr 2007, 05:27

The Q and A is still useful for me at least :)

I found the site looking for training info though.

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