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try up

Post by Chrus » 01 Apr 2007, 12:34

how can u turn pro??

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Post by KPatel » 01 Apr 2007, 13:38

Crap question. And you'll get a crap answer. Look at the 10,000 other threads about this.

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Post by gnarlyjim » 01 Apr 2007, 13:48

This is how you turn pro... jump up and down, flapping your arms like wings and screeching like a bird. At this point, Sir Alex Ferguson will appear in front of you and offer you a contract with Man U.

Anyway, KPatel's right. Check around first. I'm pretty sure there are lots of posts on this.


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Post by expert » 01 Apr 2007, 14:24

This is going in the 'wall of shame' because he didn't even bother reading the rules

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