Salut ma dilau

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ba dilau bravo tie dar tot nu esti mai bun ca mine :D :lol: dar imi place cum faci dak ai adresa de mail sau messenger intra pe mine sa vorbim l eu is din hunedoara / simeria si sa iti dau si eu filme si u filme mie.....k sa ne cun si noi dak vrei id meu de mess ii : danieldaniyy
Mai vorbim mah
salut si forza steaua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salut DILAILOR!!! Europa Steaua!!!Romania Steaua!!!Orisiunde Steaua!!!Camioni din Ghencea!!!

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Let's see how many more topics like this it would take for him to get banned.

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I dont understand...Is it in Romanian or something? Seems harsh to ban him if he doesn't speak English......
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he shld've gone to language translator...

but just wait for him to post more...

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