six pacl girls

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six pacl girls

Post by ITALY21 » 09 Aug 2009, 02:03

can girls get six pack my little sister was woundering

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Post by Zlatan5 » 09 Aug 2009, 02:45



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Post by DR17 » 09 Aug 2009, 03:04

yeah but not very sexy, personally if me gf would have a six pack it would freak me out just like girls who bodybuild :?

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Post by Rome_Leader » 16 Aug 2009, 12:46

New candidate for the Wall of Shame, surely.

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Post by evo » 16 Aug 2009, 17:45

Just get a flat stomach, it's okay to see the faint lines after you've done exercise but permanent six pack isn't natural imo

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Post by BuzzingBee » 16 Aug 2009, 17:48

you can but first you might want to get her to RUN a lot,i have a six pack,well more or so because i did ballet,and i run a lot,its natural and then when i do exercise my abdominal muscles it just defines more,get her to eat protein and that you know the all of them not just one core part,and do more reps? and rest the next day. It kind of depends on your build,you can slightly see mine,but my stomachs naturally flat because i'm thin but make sure she runs first,for a few days and tones up her WHOLE body and then starts doing it after like two weeks of extreme healthy eating and exercise,cardio is the best any form of it really.
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Post by John_Bob » 16 Aug 2009, 19:05


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Post by rzadzinski » 23 Aug 2009, 18:06

John_Bob wrote:Image
That's just too awesome. :lol:
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