Which is the better team Barca or Man U

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Post by gnarlyjim » 08 Jul 2007, 22:27

What the hell? I didn't even know Robben wasn't there. :? Where'd he go?

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Post by Real_Zidane » 08 Jul 2007, 22:29

Real Madrid bid on him, or at least they are about to. Why keep him when they get Malouda?

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Post by gnarlyjim » 08 Jul 2007, 22:32

Ahh alright. I didn't know Real bid on him. Yeah, you're right that it wouldn't make much sense to keep him with Malouda there, unless they get rid of someone else? I don't know who though. They've bought Drenthe already, so who would leave, if not Robben?

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Post by mpcarres14 » 09 Jul 2007, 01:20

Shaun Wright Phillips. I bet he goes long before Robben.

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Post by Rulezzz » 09 Jul 2007, 10:55

mpcarres14 wrote:Shaun Wright Phillips. I bet he goes long before Robben.
That wudnt be good balance for the side, 3 left footed wingers and 1 right footed one? Wouldnt make sense at all to me.
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Post by Chrus » 09 Jul 2007, 11:41

i think barca is beter
i hate both teams do

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Post by E10youngRonaldinho » 17 Jul 2007, 20:36

No i dont think Robben is going anywhere , because this is working all in Murinho`s favor , because he wants two great wingers just like he had with Robben and Duff , Chelsea was very sucessful
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Post by Saibomb » 17 Jul 2007, 20:56

robben is Chelsea's most influential attacking player, it would be crazy to sell him.

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Post by MSILancer7 » 14 Aug 2007, 00:18

wcswarriors wrote:Manchester will have a great team chemistry they will go far. Barcalona will have a big problem with its Fantastic four strikers (E'to, Henry, Ronaldinho, and Messi) because they all are so talented but they all can't play.
Look at brazil during its hay day (i mean wen pele was around) everybody was an extremly great player and they pulled through. I think that Barca might not do so well at the begining of the season but come championship time they will be dominating.

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Post by guion23 » 15 Aug 2007, 00:28

No way in hell is Robben Chelsea's most influential attacking player. Drogba, and Lampard are very influential. Ashley Cole gets up the left side plenty too, and how influential can yo be when you play the role of super-sub and Malouda is playing more and doing well??


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Post by steve-0 » 15 Aug 2007, 00:44

in my opinion robben is one of chelsea's better players

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