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hey folks!

Any thoughts on the premier league this season?

I've got some crazy theories, such as Arsenal managing to steal 4th, and Villa avoiding relegation. Also Roberto Martinez is a magical Sea Hag.

yours truly, bsc
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My thoughts include:

- WTF @ Chelsea and their utter lack of managerial stability. I'm up for giving Rafa the half season as much as anybody, and I surely have more patience than most. I like his idea to move Luiz to the midfield because honestly that's probably where he belongs. But there was nothing wrong with what RDM was doing. Just part of a desperate bid to rekindle Torres that has only half worked. It's true what they say, in five years, we will all be within 10 feet of a former Chelsea manager at all times.

- Gareth Bale is outstanding, and people should be talking about him, but Tottenham have impressed. Without him, I think they're still Top 4 quality.

- fu**in' RVP. That is all.

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