Fantasy Premier League 2010-2011 Results

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The results have been in for a while, AND HERE THEY ARE!

2010-2011 Season

and browsing my computer, I managed to find last season's if anyone is interested.
2009-2010 Season


Whoever Alex Owens is, he wins for the second year running.
Who will nock him off his perch next season?
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"How to be less awesome" :lol:

Can someone let me know the code and stuff for the EF league when it starts?

I'm guessing this is on the official EPL site? Dam, I use Foxsports for mine, so I'm going to have to make a second team/account to manage. Plus, the EPL site is blocked on our school computers, so it's gonna be hard for me to keep up to date! But I'll still give it a shot!
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