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Posted: 02 Feb 2011, 01:21
by TommyGun
ScottyBoy wrote:Anelka has outperformed both Torres AND Drogba this season. He is quite right to believe he can be first choice for the rest of the season.
I'd agree with that now for sure. Drogba started out hot and has fizzled as of late. Torres has had flashes of brilliance but I think service has let him down a bit as well. I think they could try Drogba+Torres while maybe trying to move Anelka+Malouda to the wings, keeping Lampard+Essien inside. You'd have Kalou/Rameris/Mikel to move around at least. They are in a pickle because it's hard to not play Torres/Drogba just on the potential upside they bring, even though Anelka seems to be a little more consistent. I'd much rather have the problem of too many able strikers than not enough to call on.

@Konja...heard that too. That could have saved them from making the Carroll deal in a rush. There were talks of even Newcastle contact but I'm sure he turned his nose up at that as well.

Posted: 02 Feb 2011, 02:06
by shahensha
I am amused at how angry majority of liverpool fans are at torres. This is the same fellow who left the team that made him a pro and gave him the role of a leader so he could play in the CL. Ah history doesnt repeat itself, it echos.

Normally I dont watch the epl at all, but holy sh*t, this weekend will be awesome. Granted he is not at that dastardly level of being targeted with a pig's head but I hope the kop or whatever they be called throw a burning torres jersey at him. However, if torres scores he will just taunt the fans by kissing the chelsea badge, which will piss them off even more. Never would a game be filled with such hilarity and drama.

Posted: 02 Feb 2011, 02:18
by nick117
i like how you think shah.

Posted: 03 Feb 2011, 07:08
by Wanderer

Not too fussed tbh bout Torres, was only good in 07-08, after that injuries meant down down down..More peeved with the 35 mil Carroll, but I guess when you're in a desert, you'll prob buy a bottle of water even for 35 bucks than a pair of new boots for 35 bucks.

Posted: 03 Feb 2011, 22:38
by soccer11
I've got to say, best use of a Harry Potter meme I have seen in a long time :lol: