Jimmy Bullard

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Jimmy Bullard

Post by ratherton » 26 Jan 2011, 18:01

It appears he will sign for Ipswich. Due to his injury record, I assume we are just signing him for spare parts rather than as a complete player.

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Post by matt » 27 Jan 2011, 18:14

Or maybe it's to do an Ipswich Town version of this commercial.

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Post by LimaFoxtrotCharlie » 27 Jan 2011, 23:16

Possbly one of the funniest footballers ever. I wanted him to stay in the premier league.

Has he played for Hull at all this season?

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Post by scottS4 » 27 Jan 2011, 23:18

This interview with him made me laugh my ass off:


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Post by WatchKingKennyPlay » 05 Mar 2011, 22:02

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