Who will win the 2008 EPL

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Who will win the 2008 EPL

Post by MUFC1994 » 31 Jul 2008, 23:48

I was just wondering who everybody thinks is gunna win the 2008 EPL.

I think either Liverpool :twisted: :evil: :( will win it.....but i think ManU could also win it :D . I think they'll have some trouble without CR7(ankle injury)
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Re: Who will win the 2008 EPL

Post by Davidson9 » 01 Aug 2008, 00:10

MUFC1994 wrote:I think they'll have some trouble without CR7(ankle injury)
I think his moving to Madrid will have a bigger impact on United than his Ankle injury.

I have to go with Liverpool. :)

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Post by MUFC1994 » 01 Aug 2008, 00:15

hopefully he wont go but like i think he might :cry: but liverpool is going to be so strong with keane and torres... but maybe if ManU trade Roanldo with all the money they get maybe they can get a couple of really good players

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Post by Davidson9 » 01 Aug 2008, 00:20

There is no such thing as a trade in football. :lol:

It's called a transfer.

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Post by MUFC1994 » 01 Aug 2008, 00:27

lol :oops:

i know but in america all my friends call it "trade" so its a habit :( :oops:

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Post by chicagofirefan » 01 Aug 2008, 01:55

one team will win it all.......

!!!!!!!!!!!CHELSEA FC!!!!!!!!!
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Post by WooWee55 » 01 Aug 2008, 02:01

Personally I think that Liverpool FC will win it.

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Post by dhs » 01 Aug 2008, 03:18

first off i dont think ronaldo is going he is our "slave" manchester will win it also you guys cr7 isnt the only good player on manchester also liverpool wont win. chelsea wont win. arsenal wont win.

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Post by manutd10 » 01 Aug 2008, 03:20

yea man u have it with or without ronaldo

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Post by ratherton » 01 Aug 2008, 06:15

Its a 2 horse race between Chelsea and Man U and I think Chelsea will win it.

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Post by messi19 » 01 Aug 2008, 09:41

Its funny how Benitez said that Liverpool would win the title when they bought Torres and only just managed to finish 4th. So will Liverpool win the title this year with Keane?



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Post by powell » 01 Aug 2008, 09:55

Im not gunna say liverpool becuase every year they get hyped up so much then fall. So im not say a prediction but i still think the top 4 will be the same clubs as per usual.

Also we could have won the title with torres last season. If you remember as the begining of the season we were top of the league before thefirst round of internationals. But i though torres needed a partner who could also score which is keane.

One more thing though is that in reality we're not a bad team. Last season we only managed to lost 4 games and we were the team to last the longest unbeaten. Its the draws we need to sort out and dare i say it our form at anfield last year was shocking so that needs to boost up to, then maybe will have a chance

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Post by mpcarres14 » 01 Aug 2008, 15:54

Powell, Liverpool lost one day before Arsenal did... I just had to be a dick and bring that up.

I think it's a London two horse race. Man U will be amongst them, but I just don't think they'll have the hunger that either Chelsea or Arsenal have. Now as to who wins from those two, if Arsenal sign a new defender (please sign Kompany...), they'll win, but if not, only my heart, not my head, says that the title will be in North London

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Post by mint » 01 Aug 2008, 17:17

i got my money on hull city. 8) 8) 8) 8) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

i hope its liverpool to be honest they deserve it and now we have keane.
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Post by fir_nev » 02 Aug 2008, 03:41

I think Liverpool can beat either Man U or Chelsea provided Benitez stop tinkering...

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