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MOTG International FREESTYLE Tournament

Posted: 05 Oct 2006, 13:36
by MotG
On the 30th of december Masters of the Game is organizing the 2nd edition of the RingSoccer Freestyle Finals. This time we hit the PepsiStage in Amsterdam.

If you think your good enough to join the Freestyle and want to win € 5000,- (€ 2500,- in cash €2500,- valued goody bag) you can contact me at

Keep it up,


MotG TEAM[/b]

Posted: 05 Oct 2006, 19:17
by Sputnik
anymore details please. the last one was very cool :) i may go, but i have no chance. who do you know of thats going? how much is the entrance fee?

Some of the guys who will be present

Posted: 01 Nov 2006, 14:12
by MotG
As we don't wanna keep you guys waiting any longer, here are some of the names of guys peforming at our event:

MR. WOO (South Korea)
TOUZANI (Holland)
NAM THE MAN (Ireland)
PALLE (Sweden)
TIMO (Germany)
FILIP (Belgium)
SÉAN (France)
ANDRÉAS (France)
MOULOUD (France)
MARCO (Japan)

Tickets will be arround the beginning of december and will cost €17,50 to 20,00 excl reservation cost.


Masters of the Game

Posted: 01 Nov 2006, 15:52
by RonaldinhoSkills
Sick... Sounds good... I'd like to go there but I'd stand no chance and can't go that far to Amsterdam. Hey, maybe you guys could host this in London, England sometime? Just as a different location.


Posted: 01 Nov 2006, 19:06
by Slipknot
the freestylers are awesome! i am interested in visiting the contest but i think that i have no chance to manage it!
:( f**k

Posted: 01 Nov 2006, 21:23
by Sputnik
this year im not going to go. next year with any luck i might even be performing there :wink: sounds like cool list, im really looing forward to the vids of it. maybe next year.