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My names Tom Russell and i have been looking into organising a live freestyle competition in mid 2007. It will be held in the london area as that is central ish and would cost money to enter and the winner and second prize would get the money split between them, obv with 1st getting more. This is just a post to see if there is enough people interested to fill the competition and it would be set out in the same way as the nike competition was with judges walking round and choosing the best people to go through the rounds. It would be held over one day and depending on the interest and sponsorship will vary the prize money, i was looking at about £10 to enter the comp. I have had interests from some big sports companies to help me so if you are interested then please post and if theres enough people i will follow it up in more depth. I am only doing this as there is a serious lack of live comps in the uk and the judges have not been decided but will be posted before the start of the competition. Just let me know your thoughts and interests, and you will have to use a size 5 football unless your are younger than 15 where a size 4 will be aloud. Reply with any interest????? cheers guys

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as i said on nas, why not, im in london. cheers, i hope itll be good
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i im going to england in the summer hollidays! can you tell me when the contest is going to be!

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