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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 14:17
by panchester07
Scott has anyone ever told you you look just like Eidur Gudjonson? :lol:

Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 21:46
by scottS4
you have

Posted: 10 Oct 2010, 16:59
by scottS4
Is anyone still thinking of competing?

Posted: 10 Oct 2010, 17:10
by klc123
You like Classical music Scott? Fur Elise is my favourite song to play on piano lol.

Posted: 10 Nov 2010, 02:47
by rzadzinski
Hey Scott you're better than me and I haven't literally been freestyling in 2 years. I wasn't good at it when I stopped, but life's just taken over and I've been too busy. If I can get some time and regain my touch, maybe there will be a Footy On Ice 2.

Hehe this was the embarassing joke of a video I made way back:

Probably was better than than I am now. :?