Hassa's Untitled video

Open discussion about the 2005 EFFC contest
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Hassa's Untitled video

Post by expert » 16 Nov 2005, 22:32

What do you think about Harry Hale's Untitled video?
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Post by R9KEvinR9 » 17 Nov 2005, 00:46

u need to practice dude and try new tricks because the rainbow and crossover is gettin old but keep it up i see improvement.

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Post by Shenker » 21 Nov 2005, 01:32

yes practice is key.. you need to get better control and then think about doin trix other than the crossover... :?
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Post by Sputnik » 21 Nov 2005, 20:57

im sorry hassa i must be blunt. i dont think you should have entered this vid, at least into the effc. on the general forums ull get constuctive critisism but here ur judged against sum of the best on the site, n so u wnt find much help apart from 'practise' n 'u need to get better'. u remind me of me when i started, ur one footd and with shaky control. listen to the judges is all i can say. ull get better in time. the song was alright, crossovers were good, but with no other tricks i cant rate this video anything better than last.

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Post by RG900 » 23 Nov 2005, 04:51

ya i dont think this vid fits for this competition, but man keep practicing and just do ur best and prbly next u can do better :wink:

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Post by millerthescouser » 23 Nov 2005, 06:01

yeah hasssaaaaaaa, wasssssssssssaaaaa, man practice.
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