Congratulations to Liverpool

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Congratulations to Liverpool

Post by Dube2010 » 25 May 2005, 22:02

They beat my two most hated teams...Chelsea and AC Milan...they deserved it w/ that brilliant comeback...all you LFC proud...celebrate
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Post by cfrealmadrid » 25 May 2005, 22:05

that was the absolute best game i've ever seen. i'm not huge on liverpool, but of them and milan, i wanted them to win. i'd rather have seen chelsea lift the cup, but the reds played just as good as chelsea would have. it was pure magic, they deserve every bit of glory they get from this
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Post by Owen4ever » 25 May 2005, 22:33


YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best game i'd ever seen and my fav of all time. it was almost impossible but somehow we managed to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Post by dooglas » 25 May 2005, 22:38

AMAZING, when gerrard scored, i figured it would kind of fizzle out, but i was wrong! awesome, im glad they went and not chelsea!
Wow, he just megged three people, maradonas around the last defender, and missed the shot, then not five minutes later a guy on the other team shoots when he gets the ball and scores...

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Post by pascalfrik » 26 May 2005, 01:54

that was an amazing game

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Post by fir_nev » 26 May 2005, 03:56

I will remember this game for a long time. Never to declare U're the winner until the fat lady sings. The fighting spirit of Gerrard has earned my respect.

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Post by matt » 26 May 2005, 19:20


not sure either team deserved to win that match or indeed the competition. but still that was an amazing game. seemes a shame to have to decide who wins such an occasion on penalties. o well.
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Post by cfrealmadrid » 27 May 2005, 20:50

it was a match of two halves, as they say. the first half, liverpool looked weak and disorganized. the second half, milan played lazy, and two of the liverpool goals were a direct result. i won't comment on the penalty... although they got back into it near the end, liverpool had momentum, and dudek was on fire. it was an all around good game. it could be said that neither team deserved to win, but to come back from 3 goals was amazing no matter how you look at it. so even if neither team fully deserved it, liverpool did more so than milan, and that's why the result was in their favor
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Post by Sokrfreak515 » 27 May 2005, 21:57

OMFG :shock: ! Losing 3-0 @ halftime then coming back to tie 3-3 and then winning by the kicks woohoo that was great....even tho im not a fan of liverpool they deserve a pat on the back

~*Go Manchester United*~ 8)
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Post by soccer11 » 27 May 2005, 23:15

i have to say, when i saw AC Milan go up 3-0, i was literaly jumping up and down. Explain this to me, how does Paulo Maldini score in the first minute and still lose, no offense to Paulo. AC Milan would not have deserved to win if they would've ended up winning anyways. Dida looked pathetic on that goal from long distance (I cant remember who scored though). Honestly though, seeing Gerrard holging up the cup with the red confetti behind him sent chills down my back knowing that more then likly he wont be there next year.

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Post by Magicfeet » 27 May 2005, 23:54

I think Gerrard will stay now. He wanted to leave to win trophies... and he's one the Champions League with the team he loves. Why leave now? He'll give it another season, and see if they can challenge for the big honours again.

Well, I'd like to think so!

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Post by cfrealmadrid » 31 May 2005, 02:12

if stupid uefa lets them in next year, i think they definitely have a chance. gerrard should be a huge help with whatever they win though. liverpool's glory days are finally returning
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