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Post by dareliss » 07 May 2007, 03:33

Why we don't have anything about lithuanian football? :D it would be great it's were im from, as i now FBK"KAUNS" is going to play with Liverpool on july 26 i dont now exact time and National teams Italy vs Lithuania on June 6... Whats the news :D and Lithuanian National team is strong they tied 1-1 with italy but they lost to ukraine 1-0 :( but still football level in Lithuania is really high but yeah now one doesn't put's it on FSC,or on some news.
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Post by ExpertFootballer » 26 Jul 2008, 02:20

What good players are from your country?

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Post by soccer11 » 26 Jul 2008, 04:49

ExpertFootballer wrote:What good players are from your country?
don't post in dead topics, especially ones from that long ago. dareliss isn't even a member and hasn't been for about a year.

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