New players for madrid

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Yeah, too bad Real Madrid hasnt won their league for the last seasons....

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tottie is looking to leave roma and I think he would be a good adition to real madrid

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Yeh man , that was a nice line up . But i think your right. When there is alot of good players , the team usually goes bad to worse. Well , I really dont want FIGO to go away cuz that particular guy could really run . Also , he is my idol 8) favourite soccer player. Anyways , hope that everythign will be fine and kicking soon.

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Yeah Figo's probably one of the greatest winger of all time. Don't worry we have new talent like Rooney, C.Ronaldo, O.Martins etc. Hopefully we'll get more.

Real Madrid has so many superstars but no chemistry.
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They should get David Pizarro, but he will likely go to Inter.

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