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Luis Garcia's goal vs Chelsea

Posted: 04 May 2005, 23:15
by Gmore
I'd like to know what everyone's opinions are of the goal that sent Liverpool to Istanbul and Chelsea out of the Uefa Champions League. I personally think that it was not a goal and that the linesman should not have given it, because his vision was abstructed by Gallas.

Posted: 05 May 2005, 01:34
by dooglas
from what i saw of the replay it went in, but they never showed an on line view.

Posted: 05 May 2005, 06:05
by fir_nev
They dun have a camera posted in goal or above the crossbar... but no goal to me.

Posted: 05 May 2005, 15:44
by Wiseman_philosopher
Yeh, calculations have worked out that it wasn't in, but Liverpool's website has adjusted evidence showing that it was in apparently! It was actually something like 4.73 cm still in play.

Posted: 05 May 2005, 18:11
by Maradona
One side of the ball has crossed in my opinion Liverpool constructed well their game and deserved to win but did you see Gudjohnsen's miss!?

Posted: 05 May 2005, 21:10
by HJK
Maradona wrote:One side of the ball has crossed in my opinion Liverpool constructed well their game and deserved to win but did you see Gudjohnsen's miss!?
Luis Garcia goal was definitely a goal but did u see how close that Gudjohnsen attempt was near the end of the game?? that picture is down there if u didnt see the shot, it missed Drogba and the goal by an inch maybe less

Posted: 05 May 2005, 21:31
by Wiseman_philosopher
Wheres your evidence the ball crossed the line??? Both Sky and ITV indicated it didn't yet Liverpool FC website sed it did. suspicious :wink:

Posted: 05 May 2005, 23:46
by J
i definetely think it was in.

Posted: 06 May 2005, 01:30
by HJK
besides if that wasnt a goal then Liverpool wouldve gotten a PK and Cech would have been sent off

Posted: 06 May 2005, 06:31
by fir_nev
Luis Garcia quicly celebrated by hook or by crook so that they can take an early lead. I dun blame him, though. I once saw MISTA (I think) celebrating a goal when it is clearly not.

The ball was under the goalie's body and clearly before the line. Eventhough I'm a Valencia fan, it raised my eyebrows.

But put me in Luis Garcia's position, I'll celebrate too!!

Posted: 06 May 2005, 19:28
by Gmore
I can almost guarantee that Luis Garcia celebrated with the thought of persuading the referee. I have been told by a couple of good coaches to do that if you are out of the play and it is close to a goal.

And I do think that it should have been a penalty if Garcia had not scored. Baros was clearly in on goal and was brought down. But not a red card in a game like that when there is the chance that the player dove.

Posted: 07 May 2005, 01:23
by soccer11
I also think it was a goal. But i have a question. When derek rae, the announcer from espn says Luis Garcias name, doesnt it sound kind of like he's saying Luis Cartilla or somtin. Am I the only one whose noticed this? its been driving me crazy.

Posted: 07 May 2005, 01:35
by fir_nev
I was busy asking myself aloud,"was it IN? Was it IN??!"

Posted: 07 May 2005, 02:00
by Gmore
In Spain, a "c" is sometimes pronounced like a "th". So what you were hearing was "Luis Garthia". It is very annoying, especially for the south american spanish speakers, because only Spain does that.

Posted: 07 May 2005, 04:53
by cfrealmadrid
i would have to see it again to know for sure, and i might not even then. the linesman must have had a pretty good view of it, otherwise he wouldn't have had enough evidence to call it a goal. the referees never make mistakes, right? :) ah, well i guess you can't blame chelsea's loss ALL on that goal. lampard and drogba should have finished it in the first game.