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The Football School

Posted: 14 Dec 2012, 17:45
by panchester07
Hey guys, I can't believe there isn't a thread already about the coolest videos on youtube hands down..

Has anyone checked the tutorials that people make online about creating space? They are a series of tuttorials that break down how Barca/spain creates space, through runs, movements, first time touching, and almost immaculate reading and understanding of the game and the creation of space and clear cut chances. Now what else can be more interesting than mastering this art? After all we love to dominate and score goals, space is the most important thing for creating chances. Furthermore, most big games are won by these small things that win you the midfield

Check them out and please lets talk football:

From this one you can find all the rest...

What do ya'll think? Any other styles you prefer of attacking, creating space, disorganizing the rivals defense?

You rather long balls? Crosses and headers? Counterattack?

Lets talk tactics and footy !!