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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 10:49
by TheBrilliance
Juice wrote:But I have to say that it amazes me that EVERY time Barca wins an important knockout game, there is something controversial, something to discuss afterwards.. You cant possible mean that its because the other teams are jealous or something. Barcelona tend to get away with alooot, on the pitch and of the pitch.. Im absoulutly sure that everyone wouldnt be that sure about a red card if it had been Alves who made the tackle on Pepe, Im not sayiing that it shouldnt been a red card though.


Doesnt it frustrate you??

But Shashensha I love having this debate with you. You and I are usually on the same side, but I beg to differ this time :P

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 11:13
by Met
I've never seen anything like this before. Thing is, these people are friends! They won the world cup together! They seem to bring out the worse of each other. Any other team does the things they did to each other, they seem 'above' it. They don't give in, don't exchange blows. Everyone was falling like flies. Everyone trying to seek an advantage even there isn't one.

Barca always get kicked when they play other teams, now it seems bad when they do it. I'm not saying it's good but it happens. Lets just agree that being good isn't enough anymore. You have to get dirty and have some luck on your side if you are to get to win anything anymore.

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 12:26
by TheBrilliance
Just watched the game. Discwace.

Im surprised no ones brought up the conspiracy theory of Barca/ UNICEF/ UEFA.

We all know Mourinho talks out of his ass sometimes, but this does sound fishy.

UNICEF. Non profit organisation. Qatar Foundation. Non profit organisation. Strange?

Qatar and Russia obviously had their World Cup rigged in their favour. We all know FIFA is a joke really. Under Sepp Blatter that is and the same goes for Platini. A man who detestes the English.

Wonder where those precious votes came from? Qatar Foundation...a non profit organization paying millions to be sponsored? A bit of a pay off I say ;)

We'll give you loads if you vote for Qatar. Bit of that dosh can go along way with people like Platini.

I see Shahensha made reference to the Chelsea game in 09. Some of this Unicef, Qatar Foundation cash could go into UEFA...and wouldnt Platini love to see the English fail.

Finally, Barcelona is Catalonia really. They have a superb youth set up. Like many teams in England etc. But at a club like Liverpool and Everton it is still very open for all to see. My point is Catalonia is its own country really. All behind doors. A club owned by the fans. A club coached by 'one of the boys'.

Mourinho is on to something and it is apparently going to court. Should be juicy.

Alot of that

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 12:27
by p793
Panchester mate, I have to disagree. Pepe, although the challenge potentially might have been dangerous, it wasn't. Both Alves and pepe got something on the ball, and alves spun round to over exagerate the situation, as soon as he was on the stretcher, I knew he would come back on.

Plus on the picture ou included, that freeze frame is misleading, he didnt make contact with alves like it looks like on that picture.

A yellow at most, for a high foot, but its quite clear his intention was to go for the ball. Players get other players sent off allt he time, the con ref's. If puyol went to the floor like a baby, like pedro, busquests, when adebayor put his arm in puyols face infront of the linesman. Puyol was more of a man to just say "wtf are you doing" but if he dived and pretended he was hurt, rm would finish with 9 men. What i'm saying is, alves made it a red card.

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 13:02
by Juice

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 15:16
by shahensha
I see Shahensha made reference to the Chelsea game in 09. Some of this Unicef, Qatar Foundation cash could go into UEFA...and wouldnt Platini love to see the English fail.
Hell yes, I made a reference to the game that coined the famous phrase "Its a fu**ing disgrace". I am glad you pointed that out actually. I am not gonna deny Chelsea had a few unfair calls during that game but I dont believe all this speculation about it being a conspiracy.

You do realize that was a huge fu** up on Ovrebo's part right? Everyone speculates that its a conspiracy theory against the English, when in reality Ovrebo is a moron.

Why do I say that? Remember Bayern vs Fiorentina last season? No Barca, no english team........yet there were a lot of mistakes that worked out for Bayern in that game, especially the offside goal. I see no UEFA, Qatar Foundation conspiracy speculation........just a cold fact that this referee is prone to make mistakes.......and I mean to say others do too, but marginally less compared to this legendary fellow.

And as for Pep, i apologise I was to harsh. Hes a good manager. But dude, he strides into a side thats set bruzzz. A team with a solidified Catalonia base, a blooming Messi and David Villa and friends pleading to come play.

The records were going to be broken, please admit that! and as for demanding players...the players are obviously happy enough to sit around on the bench week in week out because that starting 11 is virtually the same...EVERY GAME! Afellay is the only one ive heard whose bitched, and if hes annoyed he can piss off, theyve got a good enough team.
When I said demanding, I meant the camp nou crowd. These are the same fans who started waving white handkerchiefs because rijkaard was completely loosing control and wanted him to surrender.

Its easy to overlook his managerial ability because the team is full of cracks, but I heavily disagree. When pep tied his first home game against Racing in 08 after losing to Numancia, Cruyff told these fickle fans to be patient because its best he has seen Barca play in ages. Even Laudrup mentioned this barca is better than the dream team that lifted the CL in Wembley 92 itself.

If thats not enough, the fact that he accomplished the difficult task of coaching the Barcelona B team (which had no superstars) for one year and in that year improved their playing style, promoting that team from the Third division to the Second division goes to show that he knows how to manage a football team......infact, that was the main reason he was hired to replace rijkaard right away.

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 15:58
by ajc
Wow. I don't see how anyone could argue this. I have no respect whatsoever for Danny Alves. What a cheat! The only reason that red card was shown was because Alves pretended he was struck brutally by Pepe's studs- disgraceful.

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 16:15
by soccer11
ajc wrote:
Wow. I don't see how anyone could argue this. I have no respect whatsoever for Danny Alves. What a cheat! The only reason that red card was shown was because Alves pretended he was struck brutally by Pepe's studs- disgraceful.
That's the best video i've seen of the incident. Pepe literally made no contact with Alves, just with the ball a little bit. Definitely nothing that would warrant a reaction such as this.

Diving is one thing. This was more than that though. When you get someone sent off, I think it's a lot worse.

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 16:32
by ajc
soccer11 wrote:Diving is one thing. This was more than that though. When you get someone sent off, I think it's a lot worse.
As much as I hate diving I have to agree with this. At least when a player just dives he is making a quick decision to go down, usually while under pressure and moving at pace.

Alves spent a good amount of time laying on the floor play acting as if he was in excruciating pain- all the while Alves knew that he was completely fine. He made a conscious, calculated decision to con the referee into showing the red. That is definitely worse than simply going down to get a set piece.

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 17:59
by klc123
I'm sorry but what is alves suppose to do? Leave his leg there and have it snapped off by Pepe?

As for rolling on the floor, everyone does it.

People who are saying that Pepe was trying to play the ball are talking out their arse, his foot went forward more after he touched the ball as if he was trying to hit alves, and it was studs up.

It was a dangerous tackle, it doesn't matter if he connects with alves, you can get sent off for lunging at a player, or trying to punch someone, even if you don't hit them. It is the intent and possible danger that got him sent off.

Look at Pepe's reputation, it isn't a coincidence imo...

It's funny how people are saying Barca cheated their way through, instead of talking about how Messi's goals were genius, or how Real (pepe) kicked the Barca midfield off the pitch for the best part of the first half and early second half or how Barca dominated possession with 71% in the first half away at Madrid...

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 18:47
by soccer11
So you condone what Alves did?

What Alves should've done is gone on with the game. No harm, no foul. If Pepe would've made any contact with Alves, then you'd have an argument. As it was though, there was no contact.
And not everyone does it. There are those who over embellish minimal contact, but there was no contact in this instance, so he just looks foolish.
As I said earlier, I think in this case, Pepe's reputation worked against him and Alves took advantage of it.

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 19:09
by panchester07
So you condone what Alves did?
He never said that.. All he's saying is that the ill intention and the brutality where visible, Dani Alves over-reacted being really smart, because Pepe's cleat brushed his leg, but even as you can see, you needed to slow down the video, and zoom in way too much to see if they're was contact or not, Dani Alves sold it like in hollywood.

That being said, he has metal cleats, and is hoping like a cangaroo all over the field, if Dani Alves wouldn't have moved his leg like trying to dive, it would have been a brutal foul. Out of pure reflexes for his own health he moved the leg to avoid injury or atleast a massive amount of pain...

the intention was thre, the agression was there, the brutality was there, Dani Alves just moved before and then sold it, smooth. If he wouldn't have moved it been an injury and a red, and since he was quick enough to move before Pepe contacted him its a red for Pepe, and a yellow for Alves for acting like if he had just been shot in the balls, but atleast the ref got part of it right.

On another note, those of you who are getting infected by Mourinho's squizofrenia of Barca constantly receiving favors from the ref's, uefa, and spanish fa, i invite you to remember, how Inter won there champions league last year: ...

Mourinho has alzeimer when he wants to, but exelent memory when he wants to remember.. I'm glad barca is gonna take legal action against the faggot, and yes thats right, he's a fu**ing faggot.

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 19:25
by nick117
In that case every single slide tackle that doesn't hit the player should be a yellow unless it gets the ball because the "intention is there" Even if he didn't move his leg the foul would be a normal yellow. I'm sorry but pan and klc you two are far too biased because it's barcelona.

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 19:26
by ajc
panchester07 wrote:Dani Alves over-reacted being really smart
I do not understand how one could consider overreacting to a challenge being 'really smart' unless you condone cheating. In that case, then yes, it would be smart because your opinion would be that embellishing contact (or lack of contact) to influence referee's decisions is a fair way to give your team an advantage.

And for the record, I never said that Barca only got through because they cheated. They dominated possession and had way more chances. Messi's second goal was absolutely brilliant. I just think that Alves' actions were shocking after seeing a replay which conclusively demonstrates that Pepe didn't even touch him. He protected himself by spinning out of the way and going down- that is 100% fine. What he did next (rolling around as if he'd been stabbed by Pepe's studs) was not.

If it should have been a red due to Pepe's intent, despite the lack of contact, then Alves shouldn't have needed to play act like he did. It's such a shame that so many professionals play like fairies that it has become the norm.

Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 19:43
by panchester07
I'm saying, its part of football, it sucks, but its a never ending debate, and well its a reality as well, i don't like that him Pedro, or Busquets dive so much, but so do Marcelo, Ronaldo, and Di maria, and dozens of other players.. Maybe smart isn't the best word but clever, he fooled the world completely, untill people needed to zoom in and watch the image slowly to determine there was no foul.

More videos of the ref helping Mourinho:

Cristiano said it clearly when he played for Man Utd, and Mourinho was the chelsea coach... "We all know Mourinho, he blames the ref's when he looses to try and turn away the atention"

He's a shame for Madridistas, the biggest hipocrite and most fake dude i've seen in my life, he always plays the victim card when he looses like the whole while word is in conspiracy against him, and when he wins its all thanks to him "sweat, work and effort" like he said yesterday.. And then he has the balls to say to guardiola that he hopes one day he wins a clean champions league like him....