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Round of 16 UCL

Posted: 14 Feb 2011, 19:26
by panchester07
They start tomorrow, what are you guys' predictions for the first leg .... ?? and why???


1) Milan vs Tottenham

2) Valencia vs Shalke


3)Arsenal vs Barcelona FC

4)Roma vs Shaktar Donestk

1)The game is in Milan, and Milan come in great form. The addition of Cassano to the team has been terrific.. Zlatan is scoring goals, and Pato is back in shape and scoring form as well. Not to mention Robinho who is a total crack.. Milan just won 4-0 in the weekend and are in form..

2) Valencia no doubt... Valencia is the third best team in Spain, after Real Madrid and Barcelona... vs the two Giants they caused tremendous amount of trouble.. With Joaquin, Mata, Alebelda, Pablo Hernandez, Vanega, Tino Costa and co they can complicate the game for any team and thats a fact... Shalke is 10th in Germany at the moment, and the game will take Place in Mestalla... The win is for the Spaniards this leg "fo sho"

3) Tuff one, I'm gonna go with, Arsenal wins at home.. I haven't liked Barcelona so much when they leave Spain, their game always suffers.. There is no doubt they are the best team in the World, but I believe Arsenal are well enough to win this match... I would love to hear the opinions of the fans of the gunners like Tommygun, BSC, Ajc, and Shahensa's who probably follow these two teams better than I do, plus Ratherton's opinion is always interesting... Who will win the first leg in Emirates?? I reckon in Nou Camp Barcelona will win by enough difference to make it to the final 8 but i believe it will be for Wenger's side in Emirates....

4) Roma, in home, they are playing in the Olympic stadium... They play in a much higher level league, and much more complicated and they always play hard every match and are warriors.. Even if they loose they complicate their rivals incredibly.. Roma wins 1-0, in shalke it will be another story though..

I would love to hear everybody's opinion and prediction, and pardon that me started a new thread but that was made in December and the teams are palying much different football now than they where back there, and we have a lot of info that we didn't have then...

Bottom line, home teams win Tuesday and Wednsday

Predictions for the first leg..... GO.....!

Posted: 14 Feb 2011, 19:50
by ajc
I'd love to see Arsenal get a win Wednesday but I certainly view them as clear underdogs. Arsenal looked really sharp against Wolves over the weekend (except for a few errors in finishing) but they obviously face a much tougher task this week.

For Arsenal to get a result I think they need to step up their game defensively. They can't have any lapses at all because Barca have the quality to make them pay for any mistakes. Arsenal will need to up the tempo offensively and create lots of chances, since if they want a real shot at winning the tie they'll likely have to score at least a couple goals at home.

I'll be rooting for the gunners but if I was to bet on the game I'd pick a draw or possibly even a Barca win as the most likely outcome. I just don't know if Arsenal's back four can keep things tight enough to stop Barca from getting on the score sheet. Hopefully they'll surprise me, but Arsenal's back line have demonstrated trouble dealing with high balls and avoiding errors, so I have to say I expect a result that favors Barca to go on and win the tie.

Posted: 14 Feb 2011, 21:34
by panchester07
Interesting, Interesting, Interesting.....

I think I'm going to change my prediction, and go with a tie then, hehe, I think Barcelona are good enough to get a tie in Emirates, and to be fair Nasri is out right?

Also, I actually predict a Shaktar win in Rome, they are playing exlent football, after reviewing Shaktar's last 5 games, and league standings, and comparing it to Roma's, plus baring in mind that Shaktar did give Arsenal a lot of trouble in the group stage, im confident enough to say Shaktar can bag an away win in the Italian Capital..

Posted: 14 Feb 2011, 22:15
by nick117
If puyol is still out i think arsenal have a decent chance, however they do well when they can control games so their defense doesn't have to work as much and i don't think that will be the case against barca. Looking at the newcastle game for an example the moment the game turned arsenal had no answer and gave up 4 goals in one half that absolutely unacceptable for a team of their quality and it's going to be interesting to see if they can pull it together.

Posted: 14 Feb 2011, 23:37
by TommyGun
I agree on your overall predictions. I can't stress to you how much Eboue at right back instead of Sagna is worrying me. I feel that'll be a matchup they'll look to exploited. We have to succeed in pressuring the ball, while maintaining shape, and hitting very hard and fast on the wings for counters. We can't man-mark Messi because that'll just leave gaps somewhere else for another player to punish us. We have to shrink the pitch whenever possible and we can't afford to change our entire game to fit them because we'll end up playing too defensively. We have a height advantage(roughly 1.7 M of Barca, AA23 is 1.73M lulz) and I hope we are able to capitalize on dead-ball opportunities like we have many times this season.

I think Nasri will start on the bench and will be brought on for either Arshavin/Walcott/Wilshere(depending who looks the worst/tactic change due to scoreline). I could see Bendtner coming in for Arshavin if he's not having an effective game. We'll need to have everyone on that has an eye for goal so I don't see Chamakh fitting in there. He's a great hold-up striker and presents an aerial threat...but shots on target will be key vs. Barca. We must score to have a chance of winning, because it's almost a given that they will create a ton of chances throughout the game. I think with Cesc and RvP in great form right now makes this game the perfect time to play, even with the absence of Sagna and Nasri(most likely) from the starting lineup. I think Song will be key for Arsenal, as he must keep his work rate very high box to box. If he has a great game along with the back 4 defending as they should, we should get a desirable result.

The Hercules coach revealed his notes for the system he used to press Barcelona and it's fairly genius.

He played a 4-1-4-1 with a diamond midfield. The wings would press the ball, while the bottom diamond would press into the wing spot...allowing the DMF to push in the lower diamond position. This allowed Hercules to maintain shape on multiple levels while cutting out through balls that usually are able to break teams down for 3-5 goals a game.


I know we won't do this and we'll probably do a:


With Song holding and Walcott/Arshavin attacking the wings at all times. We'll need the distribution from the midfield because if Barca do manage to turn it over from our pressure, it'll be there.

@Nick...The man down + JD injury + 2 soft penalties didn't help with the Newcastle game. Squillaci should be investigated for impersonating a professional football player. In all fairness, we should have been up 6-0 at half but Walcott doesn't finish chances with conviction at all times(especially being 4-0 up).

Posted: 15 Feb 2011, 00:19
by collin
HAIL TOTTENHAM expect they are missing luka modric which will really hurt them, but i still think they can do it!

Posted: 15 Feb 2011, 00:37
by panchester07
collin wrote:HAIL TOTTENHAM expect they are missing luka modric which will really hurt them, but i still think they can do it!
Not to mention, sir gareth..

Posted: 15 Feb 2011, 00:59
by TommyGun
+ Crouch....lulz

Posted: 15 Feb 2011, 03:44
by collin
ye and i believe van der vaart is also out? i dont think he played against sunderland this week did he? oh fu** this sucks, however i really like kranjcar lennon and defoe i think they will be the deciding factor on whether they win the game or not

Posted: 15 Feb 2011, 04:15
by TommyGun
collin wrote:ye and i believe van der vaart is also out? i dont think he played against sunderland this week did he? oh fu** this sucks, however i really like kranjcar lennon and defoe i think they will be the deciding factor on whether they win the game or not
RVV had a calf issue but should start. He hasn't played for a couple weeks now so who knows how his fitness will be. hide yo kids, hide yo wife spurs.

Posted: 15 Feb 2011, 18:27
by panchester07
Last time I change my mind......

Milan wins, at home..
Valencia wins, at home..
Shaktar tie Roma in Roma
and Arsenal and Barca tie..

Posted: 15 Feb 2011, 21:46
by Evan
Brilliant win for Tottenham, alot of people wrote them off but they never fail to entertain.

Posted: 15 Feb 2011, 23:25
by TommyGun
Milan really showed their age today. I watch them a bit domestically and they seem to start slow usually, but today was a bit extreme. They didn't have Pato for counter through the first half and Silva playing a DMF role showed how much they missed Pirlo. Silva would get closed down so quickly and they didn't have much creativity until Pato got on in the 2nd. I think Cassano/Pato should have been on from the start, even if that means playing either one of them in a SS role while dropping Seedorf back to a CMF role. After seeing how sloppy the distribution was today, I would almost bet that's what they'll do for the 2nd leg. They simply can't afford to not coming out the gate at WHL creating chances to survive the tie. They might have a chance now that Gatts can't play and that'll force them to play more offensively in the formation.

I'm surprised Valencia wasn't able to pull out the win, considering how dominate they were in the group stage. It's amazing that they are missing Villa & Silva and still haven't missed a step.

I can't wait for the game tomorrow. I really can't even speak/read/write anymore about it because it seems it's everywhere. I just want it to happen and get it over with haha.

Posted: 15 Feb 2011, 23:39
by ratherton
Gatusso is a complete tw** not to mention very lucky that Joe Jordan didn't lose his temper.

Posted: 15 Feb 2011, 23:41
by TommyGun
ratherton wrote:Gatusso is a complete tw** not to mention very lucky that Joe Jordan didn't lose his temper.
Yeah, that dude is always a timebomb waiting to explode. I watched the game with some old school Italians at a coffee shop here and even they hate him. I guess when you lose your legs and ability, fighting is the only thing you have left.