Tickets arrived for the big top of the table clash

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England v Montenegro at Wembley !!

Capello has a few decisions to make as Rooney probably won't be available.

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I thought that topic heading is misleading at first, then I realised this is the type of game England messed up in the run of the Euro 2008 qualifiers.

King and Ferdinand and Terry back so interesting what he does there.

The biggest decision he has to make is if he lets the full backs provide width or let the wingers provide width. If he manages that, the rest of the team will fall into place. Fair enough if he can bring players on to change either tactic during a game but the strongest XI still isn't clear, and formation aswell. It's a bit inbetween, for example some games Cole goes forward, sometimes he doesn't yet for Chelsea he knows exactly that he is responsible for the width.

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