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Champions League 2010-2011 discussion thread

Posted: 14 Sep 2010, 18:57
by panchester07
The games already startedd so I'm not gonna make a long post but its:

Group A
Twente vs Inter Milan
Bremen vs Totenham

Group B
Benfica vs Hapoel
Lyon vs Shalke 04

Group C
Man U vs Rangers (scottyboy rip)
Bursapor vs Valencia

Group D
Barcelona vs Panatinaikos
FC Copenhaguen vs Rubin Kazaan

The rest of the matches are tomorrow so after the games ill post or someone else can post htem whatever......

Wow Chicharito almost had the 1st one for the red devils.

From now on I promise ill play everygame as intense as Park Ji Sung... just saying..

Posted: 14 Sep 2010, 21:00
by klc123
Messi was Magical. Commentator was starting to piss me off because he was trying to claim that Messi was playing poorly because he missed the penalty, regardless of the two goals he did score and the two goals he created. He was practically marked of the pitch and still ran riot imo.

I feel so bad for Valencia, didn't really get a good look at his leg but from what the commentators have said, it was a "banana-split" break and he will be out for a large amount of time, likely the whole season.

Posted: 14 Sep 2010, 21:08
by nick117
Watching united play drove me absolutely crazy. Rangers essentially played a 5-5-0 formation after half time and only even attempted one or two attacks the entire second half. Gibson is looking like a better and better player as time goes on hopefully scholes can teach him how to pass like he does since he's already got the shooting down pretty well.
I'm not sure if i would have given the penalty giggs asked for but with the way he handled the ball the second time which made me think he was an ex NBA player i think i would have.

Posted: 14 Sep 2010, 21:13
by klc123
That was absolutely shocking.

I didn't see the Valencia injury, was it a bad tackle or did he win the ball fairly and it just ended up bad?

Posted: 14 Sep 2010, 21:21
by panchester07
Yeah me neither, I was switching back and forth between Barca and Man U game, and I missed the injury, plus they didn't repeat it, maybe due to how horrorific it was??? They say he lost conciousness and they gave him oxygen, so you could tell it was a bad one....

The commentators where saying it was the ankle at one point... anything on the web?

Posted: 14 Sep 2010, 21:23
by mr_dude
I didn't see the injury either, but apparently it was a bad landing after a fair tackle.

Inter had a mixed game, weak first half, decent second half. Coutinho was the best part of that game.

Posted: 14 Sep 2010, 21:24
by panchester07
mr_dude wrote:I didn't see the injury either, but apparently it was a bad landing after a fair tackle.

Inter had a mixed game, weak first half, decent second half. Coutinho was the best part of that game.
Are you feeling the absence of Mou? Or does Rafa just need to adapt?? I do recall inter last year tied a few games in the group stage though.....

About the injury: ... ia-injury/

Posted: 14 Sep 2010, 21:26
by mr_dude
Well, the squad is shifting from Mou's philosophy to Benitez's, but absolutely yes. The defence looks really shaky, then again, it didn't look that good in the first few games under Mourinho either.

Posted: 14 Sep 2010, 23:49
by ScottyBoy
Really bad what happened to antonio valencia. It was just a ordinary looking tackle nothing to it but it was just really bad luck his foot was caught in the ground and he appeared to break his leg.

The game itself was pretty dull, Rangers demonstrated how to not concede against top quality opposition. Getting a point away to Manchester United could be a valuable bonus as bursaspor and valencia are unlikly to get anything.

United showed that they dont have the depth in their squad neccessary to wipe away all opponents so they may have to consider giving big players more work to do. Of course they have liverpool at the weekend but they were rather poor.

Highlights of the night was the football leading up to messi's wonder goal and the left footed strike scored by Valencia's brazilian midfielder.

Posted: 15 Sep 2010, 04:42
by panchester07
Where you able to make it to the old trafford scotty :D ?

That is fucken sick!!!!

Enjoy the dream man..

Also, the guy that scored the left footed strike is Argentine midfielder, not a Brazilian..... He also shot a freekick minutes later that was gonna be a spectacular goal but hit the metal, and fell close to one of his teammates who put it in for 2-0.... Jansen from Twente also proved to have a marvelous left leg... he scored a superb freekick with power AND spin, and then shot another one that Julio Cesar had to fly to send it out for a corner....I don't know if it was that same corner that Jansen crossed in with power that Milito headed in for own goal,.......

Boy am I glad the champions league started again.

Posted: 16 Sep 2010, 01:18
by Evan
Higuain looked deadly today, he missed a few sitters (as usual) but he was definitely getting alot of chances. He even set Ronaldo up who couldn't even score lmao it was a sitter...

Posted: 16 Sep 2010, 19:43
by klc123
Ronaldo was good until he decided to shoot, which at one point was every time he touched the ball.

I thought Higuain had a poor performance if I am completely honest, yes he scored, but you would expect most players to score that. He also missed quite a lot of clear cut chances.

Overall, Real never really seemed to get into top gear, at times they were playing superb football, but it sort of lost momentum when it come to finishing in the final third.

Posted: 16 Sep 2010, 20:05
by panchester07
Higuian missed a few sitters..

Ronaldo missed WAY to many shots and was playing sloppy in the first half. Like really poor fotball. In one point the commentator said "is that cristiano rolado" cause he seemed to be playing way below his level, poor control, overdribbling and giving away possesion, I though he was gonna get a red card anytime soon because you could see the frustration in his face acumulate. Bad passes, bad control and giving the ball away too much in the first half and beginning of second.

Ronaldo and pipita had 2-3 good plays in which they connected, Higuian missed a sitter that Ronaldo gave him a wall pass too, i expected it to be 3-0...

But Ronaldo missed the clearest of shots, when Higuian gave him a beautiful pass that all he had to do was poke it in, he could even blow it in, but he seemed to have a whole in his foot and missed it. We all know which one that was.

Above all they both missed, but I think Higuian was better than Cr7 yesterday.

Ronaldo made a few good plays towards the end, but his shooting was terrible. He shot at times when he had no business doing so, and his teammates where in better position...

Madrid could have won 5-0 and Ajax was lame. Di maria and Ozeil played well.. I think minus the absence of Sergio Ramos this is what the starting 11 are gonna be.

Posted: 16 Sep 2010, 21:54
by Evan
Higuain seems to always miss a few sitters unfortunately. If he was more clinical he would be scoring upwards of 3 a game sometimes. Anybody think he changed a bit since the 08/09 season until now? 08/09 he was sort of the main man up top, and I saw him work very hard all the time. Now he just seems to sort of sit up top more, which I don't like. And he misses alot of shots now. But IMO Ronaldo looked worse yesterday.

On the other hand, Barca fu**ing raped. Messi was insane, Villa is having a great start to his season, and the whole team looked quite good.

Posted: 16 Sep 2010, 22:13
by shahensha
word. leading up to now, higuain had the eye of the tiger.

ozeil has been a genius purchase by madrid to be honest. he's adapted and showing his class from the first game.