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Posted: 31 Jul 2011, 01:42
by TheBrilliance
shahensha wrote:lol it was expected of Malaga ever since they were bought by this stinking rich sheikh. Arab money all day.

As for Bojan. Its really just a glorified loan deal. If Bojan proves himself then Barcelona will buy him back, if not then Roma pays more to keep him permanently. I prefer that he goes.
Where is Sanchez gonna fit in to your boys? Man its hard for these Barca B guys to make the break. Jeffren is 23 and cant get in the team, yet I look at him play and he is immense. Id take him

Posted: 31 Jul 2011, 13:09
by shahensha
He is prolly gonna get loaned out too. He has become very injury prone though. However in terms of talent Sanchez is definitely much better and he is a year younger.

Sanchez will have to compete with Pedro, Villa and Messi (yeah not messi lol)....the same way Cesc will have to compete with Xavi, Busquets and Iniesta if he is signed.

Although considering how much Thiago has matured as a player (making plays AND finishing them with skill....being MOTM of the UEFA u-19 euro final), I wouldnt be devastated if we didnt get Cesc. He can definitely start UEFA and Liga games against the big boys.......but not knockout rounds and Clasicos, which is why I think Barcelona Board wants Cesc badly.

Last season Guardiola had a small squad. He is simply adding quality subs. I dont mind getting these players. They will work extra hard to start and always stay focused, which is key because Mourinho's teams tend to be better in his second season as coach.

Also considering the fact that Madrid has bent over and spread its assh**e to be completely dominated by Mourinho (he is in charge of EVERYTHING the club does now), we will need to do all we can to continue our reign as champs.

Posted: 11 Aug 2011, 02:05
by panchester07
Alexis Sanchez is an inmense player, with tremendous quality, and a great ability to leave players behind with his quick feet, and south american touch...

But I've always mentally labeled him in the same category of players of: Ronaldo, Neymar, Nani(earlier days), Quaresma, Robinho, etc.. Players that constantly need to be feed and that the team needs to play for them.. Players that like to have the ball, and are kind of "stars" .. I think you get the picture..

That being said, I don't know how that type of player, would fit into a team like Barca.. I might be wrong, probably am wrong because Pep and the staff are much wiser than me... But, Barca's possesion style of football, tiki-taka, with ball circulation, moving the ball and making runs to create spaces, would that type of football and Alexis Sanchez fit in together? I hope they do because i think he's a great player, but i don't know if they made the wrong purchase..

I would have gone for Rossi or Aguero before..They just seem like players that can naturally pass and move better, and then dribble whenever the time is precise, more than Alexis...

Just my impression when I saw the transfer..

Posted: 11 Aug 2011, 03:24
by collin
i think a big reason they bought alexis is they know that hes a player they can develop to fit his style. Not only that, but if you ever watch Alexis Sanchez, he hunts the ball down for his team, he tracks back and he runs all over the place to get that ball, which is very similar to what barcelona does when they dont have the ball

Posted: 11 Aug 2011, 06:53
by shahensha
Watching him play for Chile, I think he can fit the tiki taka system. Chile pulled off the pass and move style football better than anyone in the Copa.

My main reason for liking the purchase is that its better to have more players who can run at the defenders. Messi and Iniesta are the only ones who do it. The only other player who does that is Affelay but he is not a starter, nor very comfortable on the wing.

Posted: 12 Aug 2011, 15:33
by panchester07
Cesc finally returns to barcelona confirmed by the players on twitter, and supposedly to be made official in a few hours. He should be travelling to Barcelona on sunday, and presented to the team on monday. He might even join the group for the supercopa... Freaking longest transfer saga ever.. 3 years was it?

Mascherano, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc and Thiago, this midfield is insnane.. total tiki-taka, and they can consider playing in a line of 4 and Messi's thrown could be further supported by an even better midfield when I thought that was already imposible.

Apart from the footbalistical aspect, theres and emotional one, as Cesc grew up in La Masia, and is like a family member to most of the first team players...Cesc is part of a generation of footballers that grew up in La Masia and are called to be the nucleus of the Barca Planet during its nexts orbits around the sun. Messi and Pique where direct teammates of the new azulgrana crack in the undefeated team 2002-2003(directed by Tito Villanova pep's second man) where all the teammates agree that the leader and best player was the youngster Fabregas..

To finish up, Cesc is the key that opens up the coffin in which Barca is not only the best 11 of the world, but also a platic team with amazing resources. With him part of the squad, the strength of Xavi's tendons doesn't have dramatical dyes. Iniesta can perfrom in the ccreation or in attack, or as a link between both. A line of 4 creative midfielders is possible. Busquets and Macherano could temporarily be put in the defense without creating a severe unbalance. Definetly, emperor LIO hasn't ever had a more solid thrown to sit on. All this is in the mind of Pep, and its the material in which Barcelonism's dreams are made of, we'll just have to wait and see if those dreams can turn into reality.

Posted: 12 Aug 2011, 20:11
by shahensha
how eloquent of you panch

Posted: 13 Aug 2011, 03:33
by mrbeankid22
Bad day for Arsenal but I can't say it wasn't coming. Nasri wants the money, he could care less about trophies IMO. Cesc, finally gets his dream fulfilled. Wenger could have had more leverage if he hadn't promised Fab that he would let him go last summer if he stayed for one more year. I think the price at which Barca got him for is ridiculous in today's transfer market. 35M EU for Fabregas, who mind you, hasn't even reached his prime yet as a Center Mid, one of the best talents in the world... And you have an unproven player like Pastore, who has had glimpses but is yet to prove himself at the top level, going for an larger sums of money. Fab in todays market should have been worth at least 45M EU due to his contract.

Nasri for 20M is essentially a win for us in terms of his refusal to sign another contract, we can use that money to acquire someone like Mata and tie him up for at-least the next 4 years.

Arsenal also picked up a bunch of younger players, not something we really need. Oxlade Chamberlain from Southampton has been regarded by some as a bigger talent than Walcott, but it's not really what the squad needs at this point. Joel Cambell from Saprissa for 1M is pretty good piece of business, Wenger should just let him stay in Costa Rica this season on loan or at another lower tier European team where he can get weekly playing time. Bendtner looks on his way out, I can't really say I'd be dissapointed if he was.

Wenger needs to pick up 2 players if Arsenal want to stay in the top 4 this year. I have already completely nullified them as title contenders at this point (following the losses of arguably their two best players). Mata is essentially another wide player, who could fill Nasri's boots, but a solid CB and LB would be much better. I think 30M of the transfer kitty Arsenal will acquire will be suffice to pry the duo of Jagielka and Baines from Everton, at least giving Arsenal a solid enough backline to compete with the rest of the big teams in the Prem.

This just makes me think, Carvalho to Madrid may have been one of best defensive player steals in the recent years. 8M for one of worlds better CB's, despite being under contract. Mou worked his magic.