El Clasico, 4/10/10

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Real Madrid
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Post by shahensha » 14 Apr 2010, 21:21

I think Pele's comment about scoring 1000 goals was playful humour. The tone seems like it when the article mentions he says that to his argentinian buddies, with the whole "whos the daddy of south american football" rivalry and all.

I dont really get into debates about which legend was the best. Honestly, I have never seen a good amount of full 90 minute games featuring them so I cant make a good judgement. Youtube compilations are kinda biased and dont show the whole picture so they are no good at all. Youtube is awesome for that, even to the point they make ricardo Ricardowho?Quaresma look like a fantastic player.

As for xavi, he is a brilliant player. Infact, the most elite of all world class CMs in football right now. His ability to boss the midfield and control the possession tempo is simply phenomenal. He won the Euro MVP because he thoroughly controlled Spain's posession and attack in all games except against Greece.

I think he was ming boggling against Arsenal in both ties. Messi was given all the plaudits for his 4 goal mauling but xavi had a terrific game single-handedly making arsenal's midfield look like amateurs all night.

I will even go as far as saying he has been the best playmaker in football since Zidane. His control, vision and passing ability is superb. The way he places the ball for the perfect run just makes it easy for strikers to finish.

Just to put things into perspective, so far he has completed 300 passes more than any of his teammates in all competitions.

To further signify his brilliance, so far he has completed over 400 passes more than anyone in La Liga. Heck, he has even completed over 400 passes more than anyone in Champions league too.

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