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Post by LiveTheDream » 11 Apr 2010, 05:11

klc123 wrote:When a player goes down rolling on the floor after been touched hoping to get the player a red card, that's the sort of behaviour I hate to see in football.

In terms of exaggerating fouls, like a player running with the ball, getting fouled and then going to ground when really if they put all their effort into staying on their feet they could do so, I don't really see the problem with this. Of course this isn't ideal, but I feel there are much bigger problems in football that should be dealt with before this.
Yeah, but it's from that that the diving to get the other player carded arises. Sort out the small problems, and then the big ones shouldn't come about. It's being allowed to get away with the small things that gets people to do the stupid, bigger things
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