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Hey guys! Haven't posted in a while I sure so miss ef :(.

I wasn't sure where to post this so mods can move this if necessary.

So anyways, for Christmas I got a one week trip to London and tickets to the arsenal vs Bolton game on January 10 and also tickets to man u vs Chelsea on January 11. I'm going to use this thread to post my pictures and videos from my experience. I leave on January 6 and if any of you have any touring suggestions, please share. I'd love to hear them as I'd like to gain a full experience from this glorious opportunity. Thanks guys and happy holidays :).
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U lucky guy!

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WHAAT!?!?! LUCKY!!! omg, I'd kill for tickets to Manutd vs Chelsea game. I'm going to be going to London next year hopefully after i save up some cash and maybe than i can see Manutd in action! But have fun on your trip though!

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If you can read this, go to Fabric on Friday night. Just looked up their set and it's pretty good; I would love to see Nu:Tone and Cyantific. Or I would check out The End before it closes.
God damn brewery!!!

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I should have replied to this earlier.

The highlight of any trip to London is breakfast at Maggies in Lewisham

£5.50 all you can eat and free tea and toast (as much as you want).

Two stops from London Bridge station

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