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chicagofirefan wrote:Golden Boot: Villa

Silver: Podolski

Bronze: Ibrahimović
I agree except if germany gets knocked out in the quarters, I hope not, then ibrahimovic will get silver and c. ronaldo will get bronze

Also i think that wesley sneijder will be up there too

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Evan wrote:
BuzzingBee wrote:To defend my lover im going to say is he was getting used to the English style
apparently to Fernando the Spanish style of football is more competitive and fast just look up his interviews on you tube.
Gotta agree there. At Liverpool, Torres was ALMOST like a targetman. Now for Spain they play possession football and he is not used to it.
Hopefully he will be back on track,i think in his Spanish career he had a hard time scoring not to mention picking up slack for the other players,must be mind bending,lots of pressure for him,but with villa on his side,i hope he does spain justice!
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