How have you chosen your favorite club?

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Post by liverpoolfan05 » 01 May 2005, 14:28

I like Liverpool and Milan and Real Madrid but i would choose Liverpool front of them. I like Liverpool because they have soo many problems and arent doing well in the league but since i have been 7-8 i have been with them and most people when they see their team are doing bad they dont like them anymore and go with the better team but i lik Liverpool and ill stick with them hopefully they can win the Champions League
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Post by HalaMadrid2 » 01 May 2005, 17:06

My overall top 2 favourite teams are REAL MADRID (obviously) and PUMAS!
If tho, I had to pick another club to follow these first 2 clubs, I would support chelsea and inter.
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Post by milanese » 12 Mar 2006, 08:29

I liked Juve when I was really young playing Fifa 2000, but that's mainly because of the cool strips. 2 years I started playing Fifa 2002. That's when i was introduced to Milan and I really started to like their side. Started watching some soccer from then on, saw Milan and loved them. Been a Milan supporter ever since. :D

My favorite clubs:
England-Not really sure to tell the truth, maybe Blackburn or Bolton
Germany-Borussia Dortmund

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Post by oranje74 » 29 Mar 2006, 05:31

Chelsea (at the time, arsenal and manchester united were duking it out)
Barca (dutch connection)
Roma (working class)
Hansa (communist east germany)
Hamburg (dutch connection)
Ajax (total football)
Boca (working class)
Hearts (corruption)
dunno about france
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Post by ratherton » 29 Mar 2006, 06:36

Supporting a team and liking a team that have done well recently are completely different things.

You can only really support one team who come ahead of all others (club v country is a different arguement). Of course it's possible to support a team when you live miles away and can't get to games. This means you track down bars where they are showing the games, you find online commentary or if you are lucky can find the games on the web. A lot of the self-styled big clubs (arrogant morons) have supporters clubs in most countries in the world

I support Ipswich Town (English Championship). I've followed them all over England and Europe for years and probably been to around 60 different stadia watching them.

I love to see Rangers (Scotland) do well for a number of reasons but if Ipswich ever played Rangers in a match, there is only 1 team I want to win.

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Post by J » 29 Mar 2006, 22:31

ratherton wrote:Supporting a team and liking a team that have done well recently are completely different things.
I completely agree with you. Alot of people don't really understand the difference in supporting a club and "liking" a club. When you support a team, there is heart, passion and dedication involved. It's a true love for that team weather they are up top or down at the bottom. The same feeling and support will be there.

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Post by jabzz » 15 May 2006, 17:47

its really hard for people from USA to really support one team,
on one hand theres the MLS and in my case i wanna support the team where i am from, even though they are on the bottom of the table(NYC).
And on the other hand, there are leagues that we can watch and be able to enjoy football much better than MLS..because you can see all the supporters, and hear the noise and feel the love. I think a lot of Americans are missing out on greeeeeeat games with great supporting, its not like we are born and raised with football all around us, so it is hard to stick to one team to support. When we(americans) start to watch other leagues overseas, its difficult to build basis on which team to support, we end up supporting a team that plays most cases those teams are the best of the leagues, and its not fair to call some of us glory supporters because it just so happens to be that the teams that play well, do good. After years and years of watching you can truly say you support a team, no matter if they finish 4th or 10th or 1st, you always stick with it. This is how hockey or NFL is for americans.

in any case, my fav club is Arsenal because Henry is an outstanding player on and off the field, Pires is good, and Fabregas has great potential. All in all they are just a team that draw me in when im watching them.

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Post by cmperez07 » 15 May 2006, 19:52

There is only one team i can support and that is Chivas from Guadalajara,

I like ther style of play and the have Carlos Salcido, Ramon Morales, and Oswaldo Sanchez probably the best mexican players in their positions. Also they have the tradition of only fielding mexican players, not only that they contribute to the national team the most.

However, in europe the team i support is Arsenal, even after tough premiership season in my mind they are the best in europe. Plus the have Thierry Henry what more can you say
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Post by A-man147 » 15 May 2006, 20:42

Arsenal is #1 for sure, Liverpool is a close but firm second.

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Post by Croatianblood1 » 15 May 2006, 20:47

My favorite clubs are Real Madrid, Juventus, and Arsenal.
I have always liked Real Madrid just because of the great players they have like Zidane, Ronaldo, and Raul etc, ........ despite their lack of success

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Post by Captain planet » 04 Jun 2006, 10:38

I have supported Barca Since i was young, and i still do.

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Post by Captain planet » 04 Jun 2006, 11:30

But the way i chose it was, my mum was born there and my parents lived there for a while and they supported them and they passed it onto me, and now they are going great so im happy.

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Post by powell » 04 Jun 2006, 11:54

the only team in the world except my national side is liverpool. i started supporting them back when i was about 5-6, i was visiting my relatives in north wales and my auntie took my to the pub that she worked in and one of her local cumstomer was micheal owen and his family and she introduced me two him and i got his autograph and then i just went on support his team from there and now even though i left i still support them.

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Post by interista » 07 Jun 2006, 05:22

my fav team is inter coz when i got over here in italy the kids asked me who was my fav team and i really didn't have one so i chose inter
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Post by jthursto » 07 Jun 2006, 18:46

jabzz wrote: in any case, my fav club is Arsenal because Henry is an outstanding player on and off the field.

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