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Post by fawad000 » 06 Feb 2009, 17:56

Had2bHarry wrote:OK then, I was having trouble with that sig anyway.

A few new ones. ANyone is free to use as long as you credit me under the sig of course.




I'm still open to requests, however I would very much appreciate it if requesters would supply me with a high quality decent sized picture. Some sites that you should check out if you are having trouble are player art (in the football pictures section) or 442 webiste.

Also thanks for everyones comments again, I really do enjoy checking this thread after school and seeing wonderful comments, I dont get that much on PA.
This Sergio Ramos sig is a masterpiece.Hats off to you.

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Post by Wanderer » 07 Feb 2009, 20:06

I'll take the Torres sig. Thanks gal.

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Post by Had2bHarry » 08 Feb 2009, 09:30

Dont forget the credit

Not my best, but heres's some more.


Sig by me

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