Tryouts for youth league in Australia

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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congrats on signing for sutherland, i tried for dulwich hill and didnt make it, but i may trial again later if there are any trials on in the next couple weeks, i went to the site and there are a few i will check out, im tryin to stay positive
I live in vic, and I dont really know much, but if you keep a positive attitude, keep your eyes open and your search broad you should get one.

I recommend you get your fitness as high as you can- I'm not saying your unfit, coz I dont really know you, but the ability not to be able to put in that extra effort or get yourself over the line could greatly affect your chances. Plus if your fit, you'll find yourself more involved in the game, and that will make you stand out

Two footedness IMO, is an excellent atribute for a player, and its certainly an attribute that A-league coaches like to have, an example would be Shannon Cole, and the praise he got for being able to cross the ball perfectly with both feet. If you make it evident you cant tell your right from your left, the coach will note it.

I got my chances recently to impress Melbourne Victory, it didnt really work out, and my advice would be to try to stay in touch with the game as much as possible. working on things like juggling, shooting, dribbling for around 20-30 minutes a day, and playing as many games (whether they're muck arounds at school or summer tournaments) as you can should sharpen your instincts so you're on target when your trial comes around.
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fitness!! dribbling and passing. if u have great ability in these 3 u will make it!.

mate i shud know cause i trialled for olympic rememba

omg make sure ur fit man im telling ya u wont make it if u dont have a decent level of fitness. dont make the same mistake i did, no fitness no chance!!, i wasnt fit for the olympic trial :cry:

im tryin out for hurstville city minotaurs in div1 will it be easy??

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Hey, so how did you actually try out for Melbourne victory. I want to know. Thanks

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