1 Vs 1 soccer matches, a good idea?

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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1 Vs 1 soccer matches, a good idea?

Post by zerot4 » 24 Jun 2007, 08:13

are 1 vs 1 player soccer matches a good idea? on a 75 foot by 75 foot area? just a quick question

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Post by rzadzinski » 24 Jun 2007, 15:21

Sure why not?

And time you can play football it's good.
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Post by Real_Zidane » 24 Jun 2007, 16:23

With 1 other person, it's better just to practice your 1v1 moves on each other, pass to each other, or just take shots.

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Post by truesocceroo » 05 Jul 2007, 14:20

i play 1v1 matches all the time in this small area at this park, it makes you great at dribbling, because thats all you can do, depending on how big the goals are and how much space you have, it is also very good for speed and stamina, but it doesnt do much for your shooting, which i found out, and thats why im practicing shots now.

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Post by scene » 09 Jul 2007, 20:33

helps out your dribbling alot, not to mention when to accelerate witht the ball.

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