Not Supporting my TeamMates

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Not Supporting my TeamMates

Post by BallerZico » 08 Jun 2007, 00:58

Hi, I'm new here im 17 years old and I live in Houston. I play for my schools varsity team and I have alot of trouble supporting my team mates. I play the position of Center-Forward and goals mean alot to me but when my team mates score...for some reason i can't stand it...instead of feeling good about my team mate scoring on the inside I'm mad because I didn't end up scoring. I hate this attitude about myself and I think it makes me play way worse then i acctualy would...i just cant seem to get over the fact that Soccer is a team game and I'm nothing without the team.

Thanx alot for any help.

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Post by arminho09 » 08 Jun 2007, 21:44

i play foward to and i couldent care less if i score as long as my team wins idk wat to say to ur condition but just try to bond with ur team mates more by going out to eat together before a game or watching soccer together and just in general hanging out with them and i think ur team spirit will go up and ull be happy when ur team scores even though its not u...hopefully that helps at all

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Post by gnarlyjim » 08 Jun 2007, 23:51

arminho09 wrote:i play foward to and i couldent care less if i score as long as my team wins
That's a much different attitude than many strikers. I personally think sometimes they should want to score one and lose 2-1 rather than not score and get a draw or win. It makes them goal hungry and I like that in a striker. Makes them better players.

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