Funniest or most shameful incident

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Funniest or most shameful incident

Post by futbol4ever » 07 May 2005, 00:06

omg this just came up to me.. cause something funny happen when i was playing. this guy shot a long ball so i head it.. and it went straight to the refs head everybody started laughing.. this was so funny.. it was a pk.. so i pound the ball for a curve with my left and it hit the post but the goalie was infront so it hit his head and went in.. what a goal.. the worst is when... i was playing by my self and i just kick the ball as hard as i good.. except i missed and splipt and just did a splat on the ground.. how about u guys?

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Post by soccer11 » 07 May 2005, 01:12

i got a good one. this one time i was playing a game and i cleared the ball. Then some idiot comes and tries to knock me down. this was back when i still had a bad temper. he fell down when he tried to knock me down and i yelled "you deserve it" really loud. I got a yellow card, but my coach thought i was hilarious.

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Post by ManchesterUnitedrocks » 20 May 2005, 19:48

one time in practice i tried to cream the ball right in front of everyone and i hit the ground with my toe hurt soooooooooo bad and everyone laughed at me. Then my coach after goes "Know why you dont do that, cause you ruin the grass" felt like an idiot for the whole day and my ankle still is tender from that.
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Post by HalaMadrid2 » 21 May 2005, 05:48

All I can remember is one time I easily dribbled through 2 defenders and the keep at one part of a pretty big game and when I was about to just pass the ball into the net I slipped (It was raining the whole game) and fell down before I hit the ball, so the keeper came and picked it up and I never scored :oops:
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Post by Fantasista » 21 May 2005, 13:38

once I tried to header the ball but I hit my opponent head instead and the ball went into the goal :oops:

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Post by jcdenton » 21 May 2005, 21:07

:D once i fell when i was taking a throw in.... everybody was laughing :D
and today i have had a match and i was so angry because refree was against my team, and he gave fouls to the opposite squad every time they shouted....
it was 90th minute, i was in a great run, and one guy just touched me softly, but i jumped and fell like i was hit by a train, that happened near my coaches bench..... that guy told me: "don't be silly this is not a foul"
when i saw that refree was about 20-30m form me i just put finger on my mouth and said: "shhhh! i wasn't born yesterday, i can also simulate foul" but it sounded so funny and that guy laughed, and my coach laughed, and all of my friends laughed ....
:D :D

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Post by johnny114life » 25 May 2005, 21:09

uhh i was a forward right before the game started u know the forwards in the middle of the feild have to pass the back to start it i passed it in front
another one was when i was praticing wit varsity we were taking pks we had to wait for the whistle i just forgot a shot it i made the first one them missed the second then missed the third one

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Post by Jtom » 29 May 2005, 04:28

One time I remember a kid tried to kick a a ball and his shoe went flying through the air. Another kid on my team volleyed the shoe into the goal. He pretended that he scored and started celebrating. The ref gave him a yellow card, but everyone thought it was funny.

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shoe fly

Post by Keane_Is_King » 31 May 2005, 02:20

one game my team was up 1-0 with like 20 minutes left and my coach wanted us to get more goals for points (it was in a tournament) and a teammate dropped the ball to me i was im between and the 18. i hit the ball as hard as i could and fell but to my suprise my shoe flew off and went into the goal and the ball flew way over the goal it was hilarous everybody on my team made a joke and said that i scored. one kid on my team went to the ref and (was joking) asked the ref if it counted as a goal cuz my shoe went into the goal.the ref said nice try but no the ball has to go in the goal not the shoe.

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Post by *yung-ital* » 31 May 2005, 02:45

soccer11 wrote:i got a good one. this one time i was playing a game and i cleared the ball. Then some idiot comes and tries to knock me down. this was back when i still had a bad temper. he fell down when he tried to knock me down and i yelled "you deserve it" really loud. I got a yellow card, but my coach thought i was hilarious.
thats not funny its weird. u shouldve yelled hhahaha
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Post by Vannistlerooy~ » 01 Jun 2005, 23:50

I got nutmegged by the keeper, it was quite sad.
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Post by CR17Ronaldo » 17 Jun 2005, 01:50

The worst thing that happened to me was when I was 10 year old I was playing on a team as defense so there was a guy from the other team who kicked the ball and it went on the hand of my goalie but the goalie didn't caught the ball so the ball bounced in the air and I ended up cathing it with my hand Worst humiliation of my life :oops: everyone was seing me
that was one of the reasons that I quit soccer when I was young now I completely regret it its kills me to think about it but I need to keep going
But this time I will never quit just like it is written on the bottom
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Post by B Heck » 17 Jun 2005, 20:36

We were playing in a terrible rainstorm and the ball plopped down and stopped in a deep puddle right in front of our bench and the grandstands. I came at the ball quickly intending to sprint with it straight down the open sideline, but when I stepped into the ball it hardly moved and I sprawled face down in the muck in front of everyone. Things got even funnier as several other guys went at the ball, which refused to move more than a foot. Each time it was kicked at, it sent up a bow wave of muck that sprayed over everyone. It was hard to tell which color each team was wearing after that.

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Post by karlofootball10 » 18 Jun 2005, 19:12

one time the ball came to my left foot, and i am not the best when it comes to kicking with my left but we were winning so i thought what the heck. i kick it but i fall in the process, it was a hard fall too. But the funny part was that the ball went into the goal, and it probably would have been considered a beautiful goal had i not fell.

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Post by Maradona » 20 Jun 2005, 00:14

When I was about 8 yrs old I played a lil match with the olders and I got the ball and was free (no goalie) I struck the ball and it lasered the crossbar and hit my head then I fell off! Pure Bad Luck! I'm still wondering how the hell did I kicked so high in such a close distance.
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