How should I deal with teammates?

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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I think all of the kids on my team like me a lot but to be honest it is extremely frustrating to be around them and to play with them. This is my first season on the team because I moved recently and we are a traveling team. My major problem is that most of the kids on my team are horrible and don't even care about soccer, they just do it because they just want to have fun. I have no problem having fun while playing soccer but I wish they would atleast be dedicated and if not just play rec or play with your friends.

My next problem is that the kids on my team are idiots (not all of them), they just do stupid things and they argue with the coach about things that are stupid when they are wrong and then our whole team gets in trouble. These kids also want to pointlessly argue with me about stupid things, they get mad at me for something and won't pass the ball to me and stuff like a stubborn two year old.

My last thing is that my coach I don't think likes me much (I don't know why) and he will never listen to me. My coach will put me at defense when he knows I'm a midfielder and when I play like crap because I am a sucky defender he yells at me like crazy and takes me out and I get less playing time.

My season is almost over and I'm not sure if I will come back to this team or not, I really don't have any other options so I probably will but what do you guys think I should do?

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I have a similar situation. My team is fairly immature. But at lest they do look up to me, I'm the oldest. So they tend to pass me the ball, and rely on me. I don't mind too much. But it does trouble me when they do not practice seriously as well. And some of the stuff in the dressing room is not as funny to me, as it is to them. Maybe they still need to grow up?

I'm going to stay with the team this summer and see how it develops. But if I don't like it then yes, I'll be gone too. :?
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It was like this two years ago for me. None of my teammates took practice seriously at the start of the season. Then, we won a few games, and a couple other players started practicing hard. Before you know it, they are barking at people if they don't work hard in practice. Anyway, it ended up working out well, and we won the league. As soon as you get a few others on your side, things should go better.

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yeah man i no how you feel. im going through the same thing right now. I think its mostly because i didnt go to any conditioning or try outs and i just came on the team on a recommendation from a friend. ive played in 2 of our hardest game of the season out of the 3 we've played. when the captain are saying good job to everyone they just look at me and are like you dont deserve a good job you suck. and i also get dirty stares when im called up to play.

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First of all, worry about impressing your coach more than you teammates. It's your coach who decides playing time, so that's who you need to impress. You say you're not a great defender, then you might want to read my almost written defenders guide. It includes basic tactics, how to improve on your own, jockeying, clearing, and more. Sneak preview:
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Table of Contents
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Part VIII: Links

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