10-0, 9-0

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Those are the scores of my High School's last two matches. Fortunately, we were on the winning side of both. Both times, the other teams goalkeeper cried after the match. And both were juniors in High School.

Does anyone here cry after losing? After winning big games? Also, what's the worst that you have been beaten? The worst you've beaten another team?

I cried after every loss when I was like 12, although there weren't many losses. I've never won a big enough game to cry after. Tuesday's 10-0 romp was my biggest win. I lost to some red team when I was ten 8-0.

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i've lost 11-0 and won 20-1 before.i too ave never cried after a win but if i score an important goal in the world cup i'd cry definately after the match.and i'd have no shame about that

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11-1 is my worst loss, and indoor we beat a team 23-0 ...but outdoor is would be 3-1 ...my highschool is horrible lol.
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17-0. I was the goalie. Back in Dec 2002.

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A team I played for 6-7 years ago consistently won games by at least 10 goals. In 2 seasons we won every league game bar 1, which we drew.

Those were the days. :D

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i played the greatest season in my life 4 years ago. my team was almost unbeatable. we won both matches against one of the best youth team in serbia, teleoptik (they were 1st at the end). but few games with worse opponents were lost by our stupid mistakes. we could win this season in the last game, if teleoptik lost..... we finished 2nd that year, but we always beaten the other team with 5-6 goals difference.
but the worst loss run i am having now with my team. 3 matches lost in row (4-0, 6-3 (i scored 2), 3-1) but we are unable to play because few key players are suspended cause of fighting. we played last match with 10 players, with no substitutes, the match before, one of the goalkeepers played left winger... :)

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this season we creamed all the teams the best games was 12-0 that game i had a hatrick :wink: but during the season we had only 2 goals scored on us and both thoose games ended in a 4-1 win for us. we just got first in playoff for 1st place in city (in our division) and we still havent lost we have one more goal scored on us and 2 ties and a win.

oh and did i mention our team 1 division below wat were suppose were in d2 (second lowest) and were suppose to be in S2 (second highest). we lost our place in s2 because of stupid injuries 2 players were out.

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i have never lost by a lot of points but a friend of mine won 18-0 at one of her games and by the 10 goal the even stopped tring to win but they still scored...
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My team lost 15-1 in highschool soccer one year, we also beat a team 8-0, and our team was terrible until me and a few other players entered our senior year, when we started winning games consistently. Before this time, not to sound full of myself of anything, there was no one on my team that could do anything with the ball- they could barely distribute the ball to me so I could do anything with it.

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my high school team is unstoppable. 6-0 7-0 all the time. i only cried once, we were the best team at this indoor tournament and we lost 9-0, i sucked, that was the main reason.won 12-1before
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I cried a couple of years ago when we played the undefeated team in the grandfinal and it was 1-1 until in the last 20 seconds they got a penalty and beat us 2-1. :(

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The worst game I remember was losing 4-0 and winning was like 13-2 or something. I wouldn't mind setting a new high though this weekend :lol: .

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well not really in high school say i was in da world cup then i would tear :cry: like i would get piseed in my games but i neva cry

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I've won 17-0 and lost 17-1 before.. I scored the only goal for my team, and later I started playing for the team who beat us :P :D
Never cried after losing.. I guess I haven't played many important games, and the ones I have played we've always won. :D

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The worst i've been beaten in a soccer game would have to have been when i was about 8 years old, we lost like 22-2 i think it was lol...But then the next time we played that team, we only lost 2-1 :).

My best win would probably have to be when we playing this team and wonn i think 13-0 or something, but we didn't even have a full team, we only had 11 players that match, so we had no reserves. I also remember when i was in grade 5 (so i was 10 years old), we were undefeatable, we won almost every game like 10-0 besides the semi and grand final, we won the semi final like 6-0 and the grad final about 2-1..then i quit school soccer...

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