Where realisticly would you like to be when you turn 18 ....

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Post by kflair »

Well i am 14 now and will be a soph in college before i am 18 what I hope to do is work really hard on my soccer for the next two years and get a scholorship I made varsity on my school's team for the second time and will be a regular. Also I have improved so much from last year I think in two years I can get a scholorship. I have heard that it is easier for women to get scholorships because there are less of us and the law states women and men need to have the same ammount of scholorships allocated to each gender. I also play often with higher skilled players so when I turn 18 I hope to be a regular in a Div I college team.
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Post by ajc »

I figured I'd bump this thread up with a short update.

I turned 18 a few months ago and unfortunately I was not able to acheive my goals for high school soccer (making all-state and winning conference MVP) due to an injury. I am however playing for one of the best club teams in the states and looking forward to playing for a D1 college next year.

Anyone else have updates on how things are going? Or new people wanting to post their goals for when they turn 18?
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Post by mpcarres14 »

Honestly, not much has happened at my camp. Towards the middle of November I was diagnosed with a very slight stress fracture on one of my vertebrae, and therefore I have had to go easy on just about all exercises. I'm ready to start running again, although I've been swimming a lot so fitness shouldn't be a problem, and I've had a few touches on the ball. I'd say that I'm going to give myself about 3-4 weeks into January to get back to my peak (I'm planning on training with my friend's U19 team to get back to top speed.) Then it's tryouts.

As for my goals: first and foremost I want to make a top class team for the remainder of my youth playing days. Then, I want to lead the district in both goals and assists (which is possible, believe me). Ideally, I'd like to win player of the year or something like that, but that's kind of out of my hands even if I could. After that, I want to keep improving, and hopefully I might be able to score a scholarship to play somewhere (I have legitimate hopes, but I don't want to display them and then be embarassed.) I'll keep you all posted on how everything goes.
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Well as im 18 now, id like to be where i am now lol.

Im happy with what im doing, training at home and working, playing amateur level football, just trying to learn as much as i can really and toughen up.

Im going to Portsmouth University next year which should be good as who knows maybe if im really good i might get a contract with Portsmouth haha.

Nah im joking realistically i wanna gain as much experience as i can which is important as a defender and go back to London and try out for a semi professional team.
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Post by ScottyBoy »

im hoping to sign a professional contract on my 18th birthday so you never know
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Post by Davidson9 »

umm, i would like to be in a reserve team, if not that then traveling the world, maybe playing in a small country somewhere, or just living in London
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Post by mustahfa14 »

by the time im 18 i hope to be a top player in my conference and in the state for highschool. hopefully i can make the academy team for chicago fire. then when i go to college, i see myself only accepting to go to a D1 school on a scholarship. any D1 soccer school.

my dream goal: have a successful career in college and hopefully mls. then end up getting a trial at arsenal and help lead arsenal to be a top team in the world again. :)
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Post by mpcarres14 »

Sorry, I don't think you can lead them to the top. They are already there...
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Post by dareliss »

Well I'm still 16 for few months so, I have couple years, but my dream is not so big, at summer time i had try out for a professional club reserve team, but I didn't make it, and right now I'm not playing for any club, so plans for neaxt year are to play fro premier division for my local team, or play for Everton Florida it's pretty good team,because they have contacts with FC Everton team, and academy, and every half year some players will be send over seas to Fc everton Academy, but I don't know if it's true sounds to good, I'm still recovering from injury, and after new year i'll get back to training, and then i turn 18-19, I will go back to my countrie, and I will try out, for Porfessional club, were i had try outs for their reserve team, A club is FBK Kaunas, it's not bad club, a lot of players from FBK Kaunas went to FC Hearts, so I will try to do what if I'll make a a first team, and if I'll make first team, I will get sot, on under-21 natiolnal youth team. So what my goals, and Dreams.
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Post by Croatianblood1 »

I'm 18 now and i like where I am. I like to play football just for the fun of it. Nothing makes me more happy than just playing around with some friends and a football. I am going to play in a recreational league with some of my friends next month so that should be fun. I'm in college now so i want to focus most of my time on studies but i can still fit football in my life. Basically, I just wanna have fun.
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Post by BGbeast23 »

When I'm 18, I'd like to get a scholarship to a good Division 1 school like Indiana or UConn and also start studying to be a doctor at the school that I go to. Where I go from there, I haven't really figured out yet. I guess I'll just find out when I get to that point in my life. But most of all I'd just like to still play this game for fun because I've seen so many great players start playing only so that they can get into a school and not because they love the game, and I definitely do not want to be one of those guys.
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Post by Icy »

Even though I have 2 monthes before turning 18 I have two things I want to achieve:

-Getting back my fitness (been out since surgery for torn meniscus)

- Performing well for a team I am on. The coach for it is a D3 coach with a record of 106-8-7 the last five years and that's not including his undefeated season a few years before that. So it'll be quite the learning experience. Heck, just at the tryout I learned some things.
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Post by workingonit »

il turn 18 at the end of next year...

i just want to be able to play football, im injured at the moment, torn medial ligament and it looks like im going to have to get surgery, the physio had hoped i wouldnt have too but it just hasnt healed right.

i have ambitiond to play at least semi pro football one day but hey, iv been out for 6 months already any football is good not being able to play is killing me right now.
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Post by ageorge »

bremenALLtheWAY wrote:man Ajc and gnarjim or what ever... have you seen ne of us play... no.. so dont say anything.. i no for me it would be really hard but you say stuff like that and you havent seen them play .. man thats juss lame..
Dude shut up, if they were that good we would have read about them.
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Post by ganaa261092 »

Right now, I'm 15..wanted to go pro at the age of 12, i think...but played some soccer since 7 or something....Realisticly, i wish to play for PDL or USL Division one at 18 in America..Guessing that i will go to MLS at atleast 21, when im more experienced..This path seems more easier to me and more realistic and possible!
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