Tryouts - A Guide to The Mental Aspect

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Post by Magicfeet » 07 Mar 2007, 10:12

But Hitler also said nobody would remember the Armenians. Which they do. Also, a fair few things DID go wrong for him in the end, so maybe his will wasn't strong enough?

Moral of the story? Never trust a man with a moustache. Well, that's not exactly the moral of the story - But my point still stands. People with moustaches are bad. Especially those with genocidal tendencies.

In all seriousness though, you should be ok, jcdenton. Many players have to play with team-mates they struggle to communicate with, but football is a universal language, and just playing the game will see you through. Just point a lot. :wink:

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Post by Real_Zidane » 08 Mar 2007, 02:22

Thanks for the, er, insight, magicfeet. (lol) ;)

Nice to still see you around here.

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Post by iwannagopro » 08 Mar 2007, 02:31

This discussion reminds me of this clip from family guy.

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Post by jcdenton » 16 Mar 2007, 23:29

Magicfeet wrote: Never trust a man with a moustache. People with moustaches are bad.
And what about Hercule Poirot? He's always right and fair! :)

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Post by truesocceroo » 17 Oct 2007, 13:07

i put these to use today, i had most important tryouts ever. At first i was unbelieveably nervous, but as it went on i got better and by the end i was very competitive and good, and i made it through to the next one. This is a great guide, it was the one i used for my trial, and i thank you very much for this.

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Post by kyman » 17 Oct 2007, 17:20

Thanks alot for this post.

I just have one question, when im in my back yard training, i play amazing and have lots of skill with the ball, but when im in a game, i seem to not do very well even though i dont feel stressed out and im relaxed.

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Post by erick » 17 Oct 2007, 19:30

you need to gat some of your friends to make a vid of you and then let people watch it after that youll see that you can do it around people and you dont have to worry about nothing

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Post by CentreBackBench » 22 Oct 2007, 00:07

I just had my first ever trial a few days ago, wish I had seen this earlier. I didn't know what to expect, was played in centre mid instead of defence, and just had a bad games. Yesterday I had my second trials and I did decent, so in a few days when I have my next trials hopefully things will get better with this guide. Cheers for it, it covers everything

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Post by keller8 » 22 Oct 2007, 05:45

Aweome guide Real_Zidane awesome. Pity you didn't have it up when i needed it for my trials. I almost made tha team and with this guide i could've made it. I BLAME U!!!!!!!!!! just kiddin
Mattsta-"There would be no point in freestyle if we knew all the tricks from the start. The fact that we had to practise to get them pays off because in the end we have earnt it."

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Post by iwannagopro » 22 Oct 2007, 14:07

keller8 wrote:Aweome guide Real_Zidane awesome. Pity you didn't have it up when i needed it for my trials. I almost made tha team and with this guide i could've made it. I BLAME U!!!!!!!!!! just kiddin
It has been up for several months now. I remember the first day he posted it, something like 4-5 months ago.

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Post by Kanishk » 21 Jun 2008, 10:00

I went to the tryouts after reading this thingy. Well I scored 2...!!!! Also I got a great opportunity to take a 360 degree turn kick in the air (some ppl call it reverse fissure) and acored....Mwahahahah!!!

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Post by bom1221 » 04 Nov 2008, 21:42

great post. im actually getting ready for my tryouts now :lol: haha
im kinda nervous but i remembered that the last time i played for this club i was the star player so im going to go there with confidence. ur post really helped me

thank u! :wink:

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Post by JR » 24 Jun 2010, 21:50

I'm trialing for the college team in a week! 150 people are giving it a go but only 75 people are accepted... I guess I'll just have to outdo my opponent on the wing if it's 2/1 chance I'll get in.

Edit: There was no were near 150, more around 60... I heard from the coaches that last time they let in every trialist and then cut the numbers down after the first year. I felt to start of with my touch wasn't there but as I got into it, I felt calm on the ball and just kept it simple while working my ass off up and down that flank. One problem though is the full-back behind me looks like he has never played football in his life, when the opposition has a goal-kick I should push up to mark their full-back? With the left back behind me marking their winger and our two centre backs marking their two strikers (both teams playing 4-4-2)? This Left Back is adamant I mark the winger while he drops off - I could do with some advice on positioning for a winger I guess... ie. when the full-back is running towards me, do I drop in a hole were he can give me a simple short pass or maybe run past the player marking me and ask for the ball over the top?

We go back for one more trial session Monday, three matches each being 30 minutes. Then I'll find out if I got in or not after two weeks.
The college team is linked with Havant & Waterlooville FC in the Blue Square South.

Edit two: For the second day I was put in the top team in my favoured position, left wing, the team was great and so was the opposition... every player in both these teams was told after that they've made it and he'll get back to us with more details asap - cheers for this post it really did help :)

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