Too late?

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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I am 15, and I have never played for a club in my life, apart from in goal for a C team for the year below about 2-3 years ago, only for 2 years. I reckon I have very good ability in all areas as an outfield player (I haven't played in goal for years and years. Now play attacking role). But is it too late to make it as a pro if I joined a club now? Because most pros have been playing since they were very young.

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Think this way, You are only 15.
Anything is still possible, just takes a lot hard work, depending all on YOU.

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Yeah man, it just depends on you and your dedication to the game. If you want to really make it as a pro, start pushing yourself into a better player, and get into teams so that you can have alot more experience than you already have. And dont let anybody tell you, that you cant do anything that you put your mind to do. Never give up.

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There is only one thing i have to say about this and its that

Impossible is nothing.

thats all man
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