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Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Seven games into the new season, I was told by my manager that I was the most consistent performer so far this season, only a week later to be told I was dropped.
From this my confidence took a blow. The team hasn't been performing well recently and when I have been put in the team I have usually been victimised for the whole teams poor performances, resulting in half-time substitutions.
After training tonight, my manager informed me that I would be playing for the reserve side on Saturday. I feel he has a major problem with me and I am getting increasingly concerned about playing at the highest level possible. What should I do? Look for a new club? Confront him, ask him what his problem is? Help much needed here!

P.S. I haven't mentioned also that through this period of time, I have been training hard trying to impress him, however he picks players ahead of me that haven't trained for weeks! (our club has a poor training policy, it seems like if u dont train, u play!)

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Well, ask him what you can do to be back on the team. Like what you need to work on (ex. skills, dribbling, shooting, passing, attitude, etc). Don't immidiately give up on the team, but if its not right for you, then leave. We can't really understand the whole situation no matter what oyu post, because there is always at least two sides. you need to do what YOU think is right.

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what team do you play for

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try to find a new club, and when you find a new club quit for the other one.

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