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Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Hey, I am trying out for JV next season (september 28), and i am wondering wat skill do u need to play striker? I can kick good but i cant do the instep, is this a problem for JV? And do i still have a lot of time to work on all of my skills until then, or did i wait to long? I am kind of rusty.
thx for ur help.

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A month is plenty of time to get some training in before the season starts. Just follow one of the training routines in the sticky on this forum, or you can make one up, like I did. If you want to make as much progress as possible between then and now I suggest practicing for a couple hours a day or so at least 5 days a week.

Best of luck.
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well it allreally matters on the caliber of the team. there are some varsity teams you can make if you know how to do a instep shot, but then again there are some jv teams that you cant make it you could do something like...the rainbow for example. and also it doesnt just matter on one point,. if you cant kick with your instep, how good are you with other shots? but mostly you have to think of how good the team is

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I say if you are going to play striker you had better learn how to shoot with your instep very quickly. As a striker you need to score goals. To do that you need to have a good skills. Have a good first touch, be fast, always make runs, be able to curve the ball both ways, headers, shoot with your instep and any part of the foot, always be in movement when you dont have the ball but make smart runs. Dribbling skills help too, and you should try to learn how to hold up the ball and wait for support when you are isolated up there. These are just some basic things but you should also try to watch strikers on tv so you can learn about them and the things they do to unsettle defences.

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