What makes you special?

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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My ability to use simple tricks like The Cruyff, 360/zidane spin, fake kicks, nutmegs, Matthews and some others, to great effect. well.. maybe not great but pretty good. :P Disguising most of my passes. Good passing ability. My endurance and stamina. Shooting unexpectedly. Determination. Can't really think of anything else. :lol:

I may sound like bragging but I'm not. These arent perfect or amazing and dont always work but they work out 90-95% of the time. I do have my flaws and weaknesses thats why I am constantly trying to improve.

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Pace, passing range (honestly, I have the best passing in my league easily) and positioning.

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speed, height, power, vision. =] I'm not going to lie, if you get me mad in a game there is no way in fu**ing hell you'll beat me ever again

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This is probably bad, but I play my best when I soar with confidence, up to the point of arrogance.. While I'm in that state my dribbling never fails :D
Oh yes, my best point is my dribbling

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