Do you have to be fast to be a successful player??

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I had a question, do you have to be fast in order to be a successful soccer player. because im 16 with good ball skills but im not that fast. Can anyone answer this. thanks.

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No, you dont have to be very fast. Many great players are slow compared to some of the fastest players, but are still very successfull players. The trick with being slower is to make the game go slower, kinda like you are controlling it. And instead of doing long sprints on your own, you pass the ball to others so they can run or you pass to other people in better positions.

Also try to watch a lot of football matches and see how the real good players does it. And be sure to not just watch the game, but to really study it and see when the players you are focusing at pass the ball and when they make runs. Analyze their way of playing and learn from them.

[edit] One more thing: You can do sprints training to improve your pace. Here is one quickness program posted here at EF.
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You don't have to be incredibely fast to be a great player but when you get to a certain level it will help you a whole lot to be fast. Here is a good article on EF to help improve your speed and agility. ... aining.php

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Personally, I believe to be a successfull player you have to be well-rounded...I've seen fast people who have terrible ball control (me when i first started)....and i've also seen great dribblers who can't go anywhere....

Assuming your talking about Speed & Endurance, I'd have to say you must work on it to hold your own against other players. Speed is a definite benefit, besides it really won't hurt to be faster.....

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Personally... YES. Learn new things, such as speed. Speed is a one of the key perfomances of football. The 3 best players in the world, Pele, Maradona and Ronaldinho (xD, in my opinion he is... lol) are very fast. It can help you a lot. Being fast will be an advantage to do other things that slow people can't do.
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i dont think you have to be really fast. look at beckham. he really isnt fast. i dont know how fast riquelme is, but i havnt really seen him use his speed to get by defenders. he might be fast but he doesnt really use it, at least from what i've seen

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Unless you have Zidane's skills, you gotta have a fair amount of speed man..

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In my opinion I think you do need to be fast. You don't need to be insanely fast, but you can't be so slow as to where your getting beat easy. You really should have some speed though.

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Beckham is not that great of a player though, as George Best noted.

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In my opinion, speed is the greatest asset anyone can have on the field. If you're not faster than the other players, it doesn't matter how good ball control you have. If you go around someone, they'll just catch up again and again until someone else gets on you as well. You need speed, to a certain degree, to be a good player.
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I dont agree with that u need speed to be succesful because if u think about it the probs 3 most important things in physical terms are, cardio vascular fitness, strength and muscular endurance i would say.

Speed isnt vital but it is a bonus to any player... But that doesnt mean u can be really slow.

Accerleration could be more vital.
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speed is important - but it isnt teh most - u can be the quickest in the world and have no ball control and visa versa - i think you have to be at a level where your suitable for yuorself

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It depends what you mean by successful. At a professional level... Yes, you have to be fast. Every position you play needs speed. And to be pro, you need to be good every component of the game. But if you mean successful as a player in the normal team. Then No. Speed isn't nessasary...much.. But you still need a bit of pace on you.
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Look at Zidane. You don't need it, but it's a great asset, and you need to be great in other areas to make up for lack of speed if you don't have it.

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It's the "modern" game people are used to seeing "super stars" that are fast and stuff so they automatically think you have to be just like them to be pro when that's not true at all.

You need some sort of speed but not really the likes of Henry,Rooney etc...
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