What separates the good from the best

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What separates the good from the best

Post by Guest » 28 Mar 2005, 00:47

I practise hard daily, i love the game I do everything that i can to get better but i am still not great......why.......what makes those few that become amazing so diffrent from the rest of us how can i make sure i become one of those few that make it

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Post by ASRoma_Casano » 28 Mar 2005, 01:00

this might sound kind of stupid, but just watch the pro's on tv. i am not one of those what you may call the select few but by watch the pro's and seeing what they do in different situations i have become better and made the teams eveyone wants to be on( with those select few)just copy what the pros do on the pitch and after just practise hard. well hope it helps
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Post by expert » 28 Mar 2005, 01:02

If you practice regularly you'll become a good player in time. Most "great" players excel tremendously in one particular area of the game and use it to perform above the level of their competitors. I'm not sure what you mean by "one of those few that make it". To make what? To make it pro or to become famous?

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Post by ASRoma_Casano » 28 Mar 2005, 01:05

expert i think he means those few who one day will make it pro. and now they are still learning the game but still advanced for their level
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Post by FCBarcelona » 28 Mar 2005, 02:45

You play the game more inside your head than you use skill. What that means is you ahve to know what to do before you do it and decide hwta kind of player you want to be, a playmaker, great defender, or a finisher, and work on that aspect of your game.

"I’m a player who can do absolutely anything if I am smiling and laughing. If I’m not happy, then everything becomes more of a struggle,” explained Adriano.

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Post by Gunner_d14 » 31 Mar 2005, 04:04

First touch control
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Post by *~El Maestro~* » 11 Apr 2005, 21:38

whenever you play u shuld try to be better than good. dont just finish the game thinking" i played pretty good today i did everything right and effectively: no i think u shuld try to be the best player on the pitch. take initiative try to make a change in the game. so when you're done and you look back or when the coach looks back he can see that you brought something special to the game. u didnt just do your job well but you did some extra stuff and gave 110%
thats what i think better than good is
does it help?

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Post by jdefoe » 11 Apr 2005, 23:56

dedication separates the good from the great.

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Post by Rosario » 12 Apr 2005, 19:55

10% talent 90%determination in my opinion.that extra 10% is needed to be the best but determination is more important

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Post by ole21 » 16 Apr 2005, 17:53

first of all if you trying to play a perfect game and that's when ur happy, it'll never happen and you won't enjoy it as much. to me it's all in ur head: the confidence, comitment, composure, and concentaration. listen go to iceboxathlete.com and buy the 3 cd pack, it's like $120 but it's worth thousands if you actually aply urself to it. trust me i found out about it at this camp and it helps a ton.

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