Improving one's game and leadership qualities

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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Does any body know how much sleep a 15yr old should get also is there anything besides working on my touch i can do to work on my finishing. Next how do i read the game such as when i am marked and a mid has the ball what can i do to create a scoring opportunity. One more thing when space is limited what can i do to create space for myself. last how do i become a player that the coach will start. last thing is there any qaulities that i should know when becoming a captain.

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Good questions Johnny. I find that of you are playing striker, then it is imperative you make space, if you dont have it, you arent gonna have much chance of scoring. Try turning and twisting, change of pace, go inside of a defender, then outside, try a few dribbling tricks etc. When you are in the space, it is up to the mid to then find you.

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I have been captain of my team since I was 7. I'm 18 now.

Things that will help you is knowing alot about how your fellow team mates play and think. If you can understand and interpret these things, it will make the game a whole lot easier for you to control.

Having a loud and distinct voice also helps to get those orders out to your players. Your confidence and mentality is also a major part of captaincy. Would any team want a captain that thinks the game is over once your opponent scores? No. Lead the team by example, and put the idea of never giving up into motion.

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Also about being a caption. Its not what you always do or say off the field its sometimes what you do on the field. For example our captions they dont ever work hard but the coach thinks there the best so what do we do. They have been on for the most goals against and have only been on for 2 goals between the both of them and its half way through the season.. (this is indoor soccer). So with that said no one on our team respects them and doesnt listen to them. So when you play you have to work hard every shift. Also dont repeat what you say every game and think your the best cause our captions are always telling us to work harder like its our fault. So make sure the advice your giving is correct and if we had some decent captions we might win more games. Well good luck with the caption thing.

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i've heard that teenagers need more sleep than other people so try to get as much as you can (8-10 hours is reasonable)

as for the touch and finishing thing, find a wall to kick a ball against, work on your form for shooting, and just bang the ball against the wall for an hour or two. this will also improve your touch. shoot it against the wall, and in 1 touch if possible, get the ball out from under your feet and off the the side and have a shot again. you can incorporate moves and turns into this as well, just be creative.

in terms of starting, maybe my post earlier will help out a bit.

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to improve your finishing, you must take hundred's of shots a week, and practice picking the corners with various types of shots (one timers, instep drives, bending balls...) Go to a wall, and setup targets in the corners and try to hit them. Do this, and your finishing will drastically improve.

As a teenager, you should be definitely getting 10 hours of sleep per night, that will help improve your performance since you will be well rested. Good luck!

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