When did you start taking football seriously?

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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When did you start taking football seriously?

Post by cfrealmadrid » 11 Mar 2006, 17:50

i just wanted to post this to see what everyone has to say. should be really interesting. i'm not really sure if this is the best section to put it under, so if a mod wants to move it, go ahead. anyway, here's my story:

i started seriously training and practicing almost 4 years ago. but first some background: i was flicking through the channels one day, and saw a game on. it was "R Madrid" vs. "B Lkusen" on the scoreboard. anyway, i was bored, so i left it on. and just as i was getting bored, some bald guy named zidane twisted his body in some way that no one should be able to, hit the ball with his left foot, and absolutely sent the fans into a riot as the ball hit the net. i wanted to do something like that so bad. it was amazing. if you've seen the goal, you know what i mean. but anyway, i practiced a little more than normal after that, trying to get good. then about a year later, one day before school i was watching tv again. i turned on espn, trying to find sportscenter, but instead, the now famous france v senegal game was on. i didn't know who was playing, but the first player i saw was zidane, and his champions league goal came back to me, so i left the game on. france lost of course, but i remember watching it and thinking if a previously unknown african country can beat the world champions, anything can happen. i ended up watching the rest of the world cup supporting spain, after i saw them tear apart slovenia. after that tournament though, i realized that was what i wanted to do with my life, so i started playing almost every day. i played every day at school, and within a year i was better than everyone in my grade. but really it was that first goal (zidane's) that started it all for me.

yeah, so anyway, this should be pretty cool to see what everyone else has to say.
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Post by Mr.SoccerMojo » 11 Mar 2006, 18:27

cfrealmadrid you've touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes . (jk jp)

I know what ya mean man I started playing in 3rd grade because it was to wet to play baseball and I fell in love it was just such an amazing sport but than the next day it was dry so we played baseball so that was the last time I played soccer till (7th grade).

But I saw a world cup game between USA & Jamaica and there he was Eric Wynalda as I watched him play i got this weird feeling that no other sport has every gave me (shut up get your mind out of the gutter lol) I was up on my feet cheering and stuff and than he did it he did a perfect overhead kick it was at that moment that I knew there was nothing else in my life that I wanted more than to play for my country, to play this game.

So yeah that's how it worked for me nice topic
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Post by peps1154 » 12 Mar 2006, 01:23

Well until the age of 8 i lived in Poland. And thats where I cought the bug. One day I was just sitting at hme i must of been around 6. Then my best friend called me and he was like do u wanna play soccer? Now I knew what soccer was but I wasnt into sports. Anyways I went out with him and played and I was good I remember at 6 beating 8 year olds. I realized then That thats what I wanted to become. From there on I watched soccer whenever it was on and I played every day. When I was 8 I moved to USA. And I stoped playing for 4 years because IDK I guess I was lazy but also I had limited space. Now 2 years ago at 12, i moved to a new location with a par nearby and I started playing again, and now Im better then most people I know.
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Post by Croatianblood1 » 12 Mar 2006, 01:32

Yeah i really started getting into soccer when i was about 8 yrs old. I had played for fun when i was like 5 and 6 yrs old. But then i watched the world cup 1998 and cheered for my country, Croatia. It was a great year for them. I remember that quarter final match against Germany, Germany were favorites but Croatia took the game 3-0. I just couldnt wait for the semi final against France, i loved watchin Davor Suker play, he was a brilliant striker and one of the best players for croatia so i looked for him to step it up. He scored the first goal and then lilian thuram scored 2 goals to give france the win 2-1. I was so upset but at least they came in 3rd. From then on i just started going and practitcing every day. I just wanted to be exactly like suker was. Now, i play on my high school and i play for a local house team but i still continue to practice everyday, rain or shine.

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Post by matt » 12 Mar 2006, 20:35

If you mean 'seriously' as in 'want to become pro one day' then the answer would be never. When I was younger I played for fun with my friends and family, never really aspiring to professional football. As I got older, I got better, and during the last two years I have improved rapidly. But I never really fancied the idea of a career. Not only do you have to be ridiculously talented, but you need to have the right pysical attributes at youth level (pace, strength etc.) You also need to give up so much of your time and dedictae your life to one game. Which I didn't want to do.

But if you mean 'seriously' as in 'really enjoy playing the game and also like to watch and talk about it' then the answer is since I was about 8 years old. And I couldn't think of a better way to spend all that time.

Well, OK, I can think of one or two things...... :wink:
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lil italy
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Post by lil italy » 12 Mar 2006, 21:09

well i started playing (not too seriously) in the under 8 A's. we were undefeated for the whole season. then in the under 9's we were undefeated again, but lost the grand final 1-0. Under 10s was the same story as the 8's. That year, i was in the school team, my club and in an indoor team. i got sick of soccer because it was all i did. i stopped playing for 3 years. During this break i realised that giving up soccer was the worst thing i ever did. I started taking it seriously and started up in the 14 A's. we came 3rd that season. then i started freestyling, got into the school team, won my indoor season, and now i am in the 15's wondering if i have a chance to become pro. Soccer is the most important thing in many many peoples lives including mine. I dream every night that i am playing for italy, against brazil, with ronaldinho trying to get the ball off me. i pull off a beautiful elastico (like in the nike ad), nutmeg him, dribble past soem more players and chip the ball over the onrushing keepers outstretched arms into the top corner. This is what drives me every day, that very dream is basically what my life is about.

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Post by cfrealmadrid » 12 Mar 2006, 22:31

matt wrote:But if you mean 'seriously' as in 'really enjoy playing the game and also like to watch and talk about it' then the answer is since I was about 8 years old. And I couldn't think of a better way to spend all that time.

Well, OK, I can think of one or two things...... :wink:
yeah that's more of what i meant. i can't really see myself actually going pro, as much as i want to. i'll hopefully play at some level for as long as possible, but when i said serious, i mean just that you really care about the game.
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Post by ultimate_defender » 15 Mar 2006, 06:17

What do you mean by seriously? I train and practice with all of my effort and try to succed. I have no intention of going Pro. I don't get angry when i loose a game; in fact i've gone entire games laughing and smiling....... :P

My mood changes when my favorite teams win or loose. But i've never been passionate enough to get into an arguement over it.... :x

So i ask you....what do you mean buy "taking it seriously" :?:

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Post by cfrealmadrid » 16 Mar 2006, 23:24

well....i thought my last post, answering matt's question earlier was pretty clear on that. i just mean taking your own game seriously. like trying to really be the best player possible. not necessarily wanting to go pro, but actually training to improve. as opposed to practicing because you have to. what i really mean is when did you first realize your true love for the game?
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Post by soccerchik17 » 06 Apr 2006, 04:39

as soon as i touched a soccerball at the age of four i became crazy about it. I really got serious about it though when i was 11ish and started playing for a club team. then when i didn't make a team that i really wanted to last summer, something in me was on fire. i had to prove something to myself, and i've been playing as hard as ever since then.
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Post by Steve the greatest » 06 Apr 2006, 18:13

I started playing football at the age of ten and have played for my local club since, but i have really been practicing a lot over the last few months. My friends around where I live are very good footballers and we are all competitive and I dont want to get left behind by them so I have gone a bit footie mad lately.

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Post by ajc » 25 May 2006, 03:16

In 9th grade more than half the school soccer team played lacrosse in the spring so i thought i'd try it out, and it made me realize how great a game soccer is and how much i love it. I've practiced for hours and hours each day for over a year and now i'm the best player in my high school and the best in my grade in the school district. I'm in tenth grade now. I definately have aspirations to go pro, but i also understand that it isnt something that happens just because you're good. You have to work so hard and dedicate your life to the game, and i'm willing to do that. I also set goals for myself. I want to make All conference next year and All state when i'm a senior. My plans are to play for division 1 college and get drafted into MLS, but maybe i will go to d2 and then transfer to d1.

I really started following proffessional teams when i was around 12 and i saw barca vs. man u in an exhibition game in Philadelphia. It was unlike any other sporting event i've ever been to, the fans doing chants and stuff, it was great.
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Post by JDTRIXTA » 14 Jun 2006, 04:16

well i started playing soccer when i was 5 years old for acedemy and i played ther for 3 years because i lived fairly close to it.. i was capatain of the team then and scored alot of goals which helped the side out. then all my m8s from skewl wanted me to play for their club which i use to verse in the season and we use to be fairly evan but i moved to thir club anyway. then after 5 or 6 years playing ther in division 1 which was the highest you could play i moved to a club called brisbane city which has a skill level called cross river which is higher then division 1. and every 1 in the league is saying the club bought our players because we are undefeated and have won all game and only drew 2 games in the season. Its good begint on top though :lol:

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Post by ...in the us of a » 14 Jun 2006, 05:10

i was about 12 yrs. old when i first got hooked. i was flipping through the channels and i found a WUSA game(i was extremely bored). i think it was
a playoff game and mia hamm and abby wambach and a bunch of other
women were playing. it was a close game and kinda interesting. i talked to my mom and she signed me up for ayso that fall. i've been playing
in it since. :wink: [/list]

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Post by liverpoolsupporter » 27 Jul 2006, 21:35

i hated football when i was from 3 to 7 i started liking football from a champions legue game my mum supports juve and one juve were playing i watched the game and i liked alot of players like del piero,nedved,ect,ect and then i started to like football the next day i went to school and at lunch break some friends of mine were playing football i joined them.theye were really good so i joined a team to get good as them
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