Soccer Scholarship in the Usa- What is it?

Tell us about the league you playing in, tryouts, etc
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upandcoming you said you were offered a scholarship in 10th grade. If i'm not mistaking NCAA recruiting rules say, schools can't even communicate with a player or make offers until the player is in 11th grade. (Junior)

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my friend is in 10th grade and some college asked him to play for them after highschool

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Soccer is among the most popular sports around the world and has become a favourite in the United States too. It is also called Football in some regions. You can attend a university in the US with soccer scholarship. This gives you the chance to earn your degree while playing the sport you love.

Future Pro USA helps aspiring students make the most of available opportunities for scholarships in America. From United Kingdom, the scholarships are easier to procure for students who have represented their town or county in the sport, or trained at a professional club.

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